WWE suspend real life couple Alberto Del Rio and Paige for wellness policy failures

News broke earlier today that Alberto Del Rio had been suspended by the company for breaching their wellness policy and it has just been announced that Paige has also been suspended for doing the same. It has been known for a while now that the two are dating and rumours were flying all since Alberto’s suspension as to wether or not his girlfriend would be involved somehow and it is now apparent. Paige has said to have been nursing an injury over the last couple of weeks and Del Rio was recently drafted to Smackdown! after returning to the company in 2015.
There is no official word as to what has lead to the wellness policy being broken by the couple, but speculation will now be at an all time high now that it does involve a real life couple. Roman Reigns faced the brunt of the fan speculation online recently as he was suspended for breaking the same wellness policy. Reigns is currently back from serving his suspension and has been pushing through being the centre of rumours since his offence.