WWE could be close to buying TNA right before their biggest show of the year

The second largest wrestling promotion in North America is looking for a buyer and it could well be the number one promotion in the world that take them over. This might sound like a story straight out of 2001, but this is not about WCW. The company now fronted by Smashing Pumpkin’s Billy Corgan could now be on it’s way to becoming part of the “WWE Universe” and Vince McMahon’s ever growing empire.

The company have been in financial struggle for quite some time and the most likely candidate to buy the company has been Billy Corgan himself, who has stated that he has the money to buy the company. But Dave Meltzer has reported that WWE have also shown interest in once again buying out their competition. Meltzer has stated that the company currently do not have enough money to fund their upcoming biggest show of the year Bound For Glory. “There’s millions of dollars there in the hole right now,”  says the well known veteran wrestling insider. Meltzer also suggests that if WWE were to buy the company, they would mainly be interested in it for it’s tape library which features current WWE superstars who made their names in TNA such as AJ Styles and Samoa Joe.

Whilst it would be a shame to see another company die out with one less option for the men and women in the industry to go for another place to work, especially those “Black balled” by the WWE, it has been something that many wrestling fans have seen coming for many years. A company that once had one the strongest rosters in the world with a real chance at growing has dwindled in recent years, with production values dropping, big names leaving and even those who have stuck around losing their own “star power” after years of fairly insignificant story lines and events. Gone are the days of TNA’s major accusations and innovative style and it could soon mean the end for the company as a whole.