Why we are splitting up the channel | Rebellious Noise - RN Podcast

VIDEO: Why we’re splitting up the Rebellious Noise channel

We cover a wide range of topics here at Rebellious Noise but we’ve always been held back by uploading it all to the same space, which is why we’re splitting up our YouTube channel! We have launched FIVE BRAND NEW CHANNELS so that we can now go full force into some of the individual topics that we cover and we’ll also be keeping the original channel as well.

Check out this video from Scott and Dan explaining why we’re doing this now and all about our exciting upcoming projects that will finally get the chance to see the light of day. This won’t mean less content, it will mean even more of what you love from Rebellious Noise… just in a few new places.

-All of our new channels can be found below-

RN Tastes Logo - Rebellious Noise
RN Screen 1 Logo - Rebellious Noise
RN Pro Wrestling Logo - Rebellious Noise
RNFC Logo - Rebellious Noise Football Channel
RN Choons Logo - Rebellious Noise