VIDEO: Shad Gaspard’s wife, JTG, McMachon family & others react online (Update: Unidentified body found)

As this is a fast developing story this video was initially created to bring you some updates regarding the Shad Gaspard situation with reactions to several social media posts including one from the Gaspard family via his wife Siliana’s Instagram as well as some updates on the story in general but we have had to edit in a disturbing update at the end about an unidentified body that has been found in the Californian Ocean that Shad Gaspard was last seen in.

Dan shares his thoughts on the outpouring of love for Shad and his family from the wrestling world including a heart-wrenching private conversation thats been shared by Shad’s Cryme Tyme Tag Team Partner JTG and well wishes from the McMahon family and others. We aim to bring an update to this channel when more news is available about the Shad Gaspard disappearance in general and about the unidentified body that has been found.




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