VIDEO: Kelly Klein on the changes in women’s wrestling, ROH plans & dreams of MSG

Scott has a chat with Kelly Klein before her history making win at the G1 Supercard about her dreams of wrestling at MSG nearly fading, the overlooking of the impact that the TNA Knockouts division had on the “Women’s evolution” and her plans to bring in the best from around the world to ROH for their Women of Honor division.
Plus, Kelly talks about the growth in recent years of the wrestling world coming to together for one huge week.

This interview was filmed backstage at the Festival of Honor in the build up to the G1 Supercard at Madison Square Garden in New York City.


Apologies for the audio issues towards the end due to technical difficulties, we hope that this does not make it too difficult to follow the latter part of the interview.

Keep checking back for our interview The Briscoes soon, check out our Jay Lethal interview here and our review of the G1 Supercard here.


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