VIDEO: How the BAFTA Awards highlighted a huge gap between the industry & general movie goer

Award ceremonies have changed a lot in recent years but the gap between the movie industry and the general public still seems to be a big one. Lucas breaks down how the 2021 BAFTAs highlighted this by focusing on movies that the regular movie goer still hasn’t had the chance to see and how films produced by streaming services continue to be overlooked.

There’s also talk about the ceremony itself with a look at some of the unique moments the virtual ceremony gave us and a hilarious story about how Sir Anthony Hopkins found out that he had won his award. Plus, previewing the upcoming Oscars and the positive steps that the BAFTAs have made so far in regards to inclusivity and diversity.

Let us know your thoughts subject in the comments below. Do you think the gap is getting bigger? Are the academies ignoring too many films?