Who belongs in the ultimate Pop Punk band? We got Scott, Justin, Jack and Terry to argue it out in the hopes of picking a solid Pop Punk Supergroup that would stand the test of time. There are rules in place for eligibility to make things a little more difficult yet interesting and once each person states their individual bands it’s time to debate who makes the final band with the whole gang needing to agree on a line-up… It brings up a few fun arguments and laughs!


1) Only ONE member from each band (eg: It’s Mark or Tom or Travis)

2) Pick a Vocalist, Bassist, Drummer, Two Guitarists and a Wildcard option (eg: Second Vocalist, Instrument not already covered, Double-duty for a band member with more than one talent)

3) Genre is defined by a mixture of Wikipedia, Google Suggestions and common sense so there’s no genre elitists here! Who would you pick for your Pop Punk Supergroup? Let us know!


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