Who grabs a spot in the ultimate Emo band? We got Scott, Justin, Jack and Terry to debate their choices in the hopes of narrowing them down to a final Emo Supergroup to define the mid 2000s. Once again there are rules in place for eligibility which makes things a little more difficult yet interesting and once each person states picks their own supergroup it’s time to argue about who makes the final band with the whole gang needing to agree on a line-up… This time the gang have a plethora of iconic front men to consider and have another job of trying to agree on if potential band members define the genre enough to be considered.

PS. You will also get to see what the boys looked like in their Emo days.


1) Only ONE member from each band (eg: No picking both Ray Toro and Gerard Way)

2) Pick a Vocalist, Bassist, Drummer, Two Guitarists and a Wildcard option (eg: Second Vocalist, Instrument not already covered, Double-duty for a band member with more than one talent)

3) Genre is defined by a mixture of Wikipedia, Google Suggestions and common sense so there’s no genre elitists here! Who would you pick for your Pop Punk Supergroup? Let us know!


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