Video allegedly shows Sonny Moore aka Skrillex recording with From First To Last in 2016

The day that Emos have been waiting for could finally be here. Sonny Moore, now more commonly known as Skrillex could be working on a track with his old band mates in From First To Last again.

A video posted online appears to show Sonny recording vocals for the band along with the bands resident screamer, Travis Ritcher. Founding FFTL member Matt Good previously stated that Sonny was interested in collaborating on the bands new record but their schedules were clashing too much. Matt also stated that the man known as Skrillex was one of the busiest people that he had ever met.

Sonny Moore left the band in 2007 after having vocal surgery and decided to put his creativity into more of a producer type role and became Skrillex selling millions of albums worldwide, winning numerous Grammy Awards and in the process becoming arguably the biggest face in the rise of Dubstep.

Rumours of Sonny rejoining the band began to fly around when earlier this year he played a track on his labels station on Beats 1 a song that sounded very familiar to the FFTL sound and even had vocals on from the former Emo icon. Skrillex dubbed the song “Bonus Track” and it was later removed from the internet, which obviously just meant that rumours about a link between Sonny’s old life and his new one were getting stronger.

Check out the video below and judge for yourself, is this Sonny Moore working with From First To Last again?