UFC 202 Press Conference descends into chaos with McGregor & Diaz throwing objects across the room

Two of the most hot headed fighters in the world combined with a passion of hatred for each other have caused chaos at the UFC 202 press conference. After the Diaz camp were called “crack heads” by the Irishman, threats started to go McGregor’s way as he started to say “You’ll do nothing” which only riled rival Nate up more. Nate then walked around the conference room with two middle fingers held up at Conor. What came next was the usual smack talking we’ve come to expect at a UFC press conference these days, especially when it involves these two men. But what followed shortly wasn’t what we are used to seeing at these events at all. Nate Diaz then threw a bottle towards Conor McGregor who was sitting at the table, Conor then decided to get up and start hurling bottles back towards Nate. The crowd started to get louder as Conor was pleaded not to retaliate but he then started to grab anything he could to throw towards the Diaz team.

Things were heated the first time these two were getting ready to do battle in the octagon, which lead to a victory for Nate Diaz. The two square off again on Saturday August 20th.

Watch the bottle fight below, it kicks off around the 20 minute mark: