REVIEW: The Grand Tour (S01 E01)

The long awaited show by Jeremy Clarkson, James May Richard Hammond dropped on 18th November 2016, and I must say it was incredible.

The BBC’s loss is definitely Amazon’s gain. While you could be forgiven for thinking this was Top Gear, The Grand Tour was pretty much the same but So, so much bigger and better.

The boys swapped a studio for a tent. The Stig for an American, a race track in an airfield for the ‘Ebola-Drome’ and everything seemed so much smoother and bigger than what they had at The BBC.

Clarkson, May and Hammond were always going to have a dig at their previous employers, and they did that. There were a few close to the knuckle remarks, but they just seemed to work so well.

All in all I think that The Grand Tour will elevate them, show the BBC what they’re missing by firing Clarkson and ultimately see the extinction of Top Gear. I doubt there is a motoring show around that can compete with this.

You can stream The Grand Tour by subscribing to Amazon Prime and to be honest, this show is already up there as one of the biggest reasons to subscribe and if you’re looking for a taster of what Prime has to offer then you could even get a Free 30 Day Trial to see what all the fuss is about. It’s looking like companies like Amazon getting exclusive streaming rights to high quality programming may be the way of the future and TV channels slowly losing a piece of the pie.