New Papa Roach album produced by fans of their ‘Infest’ sound

The Californian rock legends Papa Roach have announced their latest album “Crooked Teeth” will be released on May 19th and has been produced by Nicholas “RAS” Furlong and Colin Brittain who have come to the project with a mix of a fresh, yet nostalgic approach as first time producers and long time Papa Roach fans.

Jacoby Shaddix said The first time we met up with RAS and Colin, they said that Infest was on constant rotation when they were growing up and they wanted to bring back some of that fire” and it seems that the love for Papa Roach’s early sound is something that the producers clearly wanted to bring to their bands 9th studio album as Furlong states “The whole idea was to take the classic elements of Papa Roach that everyone loved and revamp them into a modern version of the sound through the creative process, and we ended up with a bold, courageous and more adventurous version of Papa Roach.

The new album is said to feature some classic Shaddix rapping and vocalist has teased that those who have wanted to hear his rapping again will be pleased at some of the viciousness on this record.

Papa Roach have already given us a taste of their new album with two new songs including “Help” which was released earlier this month on streaming services debuting as #1 Most Added at Active Rock and is currently #6 with 4 million streams.  The band also released the title track “Crooked Teeth” at the end of 2016, which features a more old-school Papa Roach sound.

Check out our video interviewing Papa Roach fans about “Infest” on our show the Queue & A outside one of their shows in London.


VIDEO: Alien Ant Farm Interview w/Rebellious Noise

Scott sits down with Terry and Dryden of Alien Ant Farm in London. We talk about Michael Jackson’s opinion of the bands “Smooth Criminal” video, Halloween costumes & parties, the legacy of their album ANThology and the guys discuss who they would have replace them in the band if they couldn’t make a show.

This interview was recorded on Halloween 2016. Apologies for the late post due to technical difficulties.


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More than 20 bands added to Download Festival 2017 line up

The Donington based Festival returns in 2017 with a bang, having already announced the likes of System of a Down, Prophets of Rage, Aerosmith and Biffy Clyro. The Download Festival team have now announced that Sum 41, Good Charlotte, Issues, Alter Bridge, Mastadon, Coheed & Cambria, Four Year Strong and Astroid Boys just to name a few.

This years line up already sees a fairly mixed bunch from the Rock/Alternative scene with Nu Metal, Pop Punk, Classic Rock, Thrash, Emo already all getting a heavy presence over the weekend.

Download Festival takes part between June 9th – 11th and there are plenty more acts to be announced so make sure you get your ticket here.

Don’t forget to check out our Queue & A feature from Download Festival 2015 as well as our interviews with some of the bands featured on the 2017 line up such as The One Hundred and Issues.

Have a look at the Official poster below to see who else has been added to the line up this time round and keep checking back to Rebellious Noise for more updates.




Download Festival announce first wave of bands including System of a Down

The Donington based Festival returns for 2017 with a bang having just announced that System of a Down will take the stage on the Friday Night. It will be the third time the band play Download Festival and joining them are some other pretty big names including Aerosmith, Biffy Clyro, Five Finger Death Punch and for the first time in the UK, the supergroup on the lips of rock fans, Prophets of Rage.

The festival will take place on June 9th, 10th and 11th and tickets will be on general sale at 10am on November 4th after the initial Pre Sale sold out.

Check out the current confirmed line up below;


Also, check out our special episode of the Queue & A at Download 2015


82 year old John Hetlinger sings on stage with Drowning Pool

The most famous 82 year old rockstar is sending the internet into a frenzy again after performing live with the band he covered to get his new found fame. John Hetlinger was brought on stage with Drowning Pool at the Chicago Open Air Festival to perform “Bodies” with them.

John shocked the audience of “America’s Got Talent” a few weeks ago and the internet grabbed hold of it. Guitarist CJ Pierce saw the video along with millions of others and reached out to John and managed to get him to perform live with the band. Hetlinger wore a Drowning Pool T-Shirt and once again stole the show. We wouldn’t be surprised if he started touring as a solo act at this rate.


Watch the video below:

Issues interview w/Rebellious Noise (25/05/16)

Scott from Rebellious Noise talks to Tyler Carter and Sky Acord of the band Issues before their gig at KOKO in Camden, London. We talk about them breaking genre barriers with a number of projects and ask them which Hip Hop tracks they would like to cover, with a little a cappella preview from Tyler. The boys also discuss who they would have replace them in the band if they couldn’t make the show.

Linkin Park post new studio footage

The rock legends have posted a video of them discussing the creation of their new material online. Whilst there is no actual music being played it is interesting to hear Mike Shinoda discuss the process with his band mates, something that will surely wet the appetite of Linkin Park fans. We may be able to hear some new LP sooner than we thought, it will  be innteresting to see which direction their sound has gone in since the last album “The Hunting Party”. Watch the video below and then check out the Linkin Park “Queue & A” episode we did with their fans outside the o2 arena back in 2014.

Emmure confirm new line up

The band is now complete again after announcing on their official facebook page that they have found new members.Vocalist Frankie Palmeri’s former band mates all quit in late December 2015 and left him as the only member of the band, but Frankie claimed not long after that he had a new line up ready and working in the studio. The new line up was not revealed at the time though and up until now all online posts of the musicians we’re blurred to not reveal their identities.

The new Emmure now consists of drummer Josh Miller of the band Glass Cloud, Phil Locket formerly of The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza and guitarist Josh Travis also from both of those bands. So the new line up should already have some great chemistry that hopefully can fit right into Emmure. Frankie and his new band mates are currently on tour in the US.

VIDEO: Download Festival (Queue & A)


Rebellious Noise give Download Festival goers a “Queue & A“. We talk about the their favourite moments, adapting to the rain, festival food and much more!

This episode of the Queue & A was recorded at Download Festival 2015.

Like the look of this? Then don’t miss out on your Download Festival tickets here!




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As I approached the bright lights of London’s Leicester Square, I met up with Panic State drummer Daniel Tweddle. We made our way inside and got informed that one of the bands had pulled out due to it ‘not being a proper venue’ whatever that means! What this meant, however, is that Panic State would get a slightly longer set.

As with any female fronted band, there will always be comparisons with the likes of Evanescence, Paramore & Halestorm. I’m deliberately going to stay away from that!

 As they took to the stage they opened with System Kings followed up with Your Own Heaven which were both really catchy tracks and if they’re the backbone of the new album Armageddon (due for 2016 release) then they should have no problems whatsoever doing pretty well for themselves! Lead guitarist Scott Dunleavy pulls out a cracking solo for Your Own Heaven.



They then delve into the archives to their first album with Anarchy and Made of Fire which was the first song they ever wrote together as a band, both taken from their first album Pandemic.


The next track was probably my favourite track of the night, the new, and very heavy Armageddon Begins, which is due for release on 11th December on XRP Radio. The song has a great mix with everyone on point. Some really cool bass licks from Tom Horton who ironically was sporting a rather apt T-Shirt commemorating all the people who have lost their lives.



Eight Days from the album Pandemic is the next song up and it’s a slower song which gives Daniel a bit of a break from his hard hitting thrashing drumming. It also gives us the chance to properly hear lead singer Dylan Epega’s voice, and it’s actually pretty damn good! Some really nice tones backed up by Tom, giving it a great mix. I would love to hear this song really stripped back with just singing and an acoustic guitar.

 The final song of their set is Shellshock the last song from their first album. Which starts off with a really slow and melodic build up and then just kicks in to a mental frenzy! The catchy guitar riff has everyone moving in unison. The crowd has definitely warmed to this band the more the night has gone on. The band certainly grew in stature.

All in all it was good 40 minutes of music and the song was a fitting one to end their set.

The crowd then asked for an encore, the band obliged and blasted through Ignition to end the show.

I can definitely see this band selling out bigger venues in the. It too distant future and one who should most definitely be on your ‘bands to hear’ list.

Putting all the technical hitches aside (which were no fault of the band) they sounded great and have a great future.

Well played Panic State, can’t wait for to be released next year!