REVIEW: Leeds Festival – Braham Park, Leeds (24-26 08/17)

August bank holiday means only one thing – Leeds Festival AKA my favourite weekend of the entire year.

Although I wasn’t as enthusiastic about this year’s line-up, it didn’t stop me heading down to Braham Park early on Thursday morning to set up camp all ready for a messy weekend ahead.
When I arrived, I headed straight to Green camp (which has turned into its own tradition), and by 2pm the tent was erected, the airbed was up and the drinking had started – what was now going to be my home for the next 4 days was finally starting to feel bearable.

We sat drinking and playing card games with our new tent neighbours until the early evening before going to explore around the various DJ sets dotted around the campsites. These first few hours had already set the bar high for the rest of the weekend – and it certainly didn’t disappoint.
Leeds Festival 2017 - Rebellious Noise Review

Friday morning was a relaxing one, I started my day off with a cider and lazed around until 5pm. Eventually I made the trek the to the arena where I sat on the bank and watched Blossoms whilst eating some surprisingly tasty chicken noodles. After a short while Liam Gallagher performed. He swanned onto the main stage wearing a zipped-up parka jacket and took complete control of the crowd. I’m not overly familiar with Liam’s own music but he ended with Oasis’Wonderwall’ – judging by the crowd’s reaction, I imagine that this was the highlight for many people.

Leeds Festival 2017 - Rebellious Noise Review

Muse were headlining on Friday night but I made the unpopular decision to go and see Halsey and Marshmello instead. I had wanted to see Halsey for a while now and she exceeded my expectations in the NME Tent – her performance was electric and she really knows how to put on a show. I had only recently started listening to Marshmello so it was a last-minute decision to watch his set. I felt like the bass in the Radio One Dance Tent wasn’t as good as it could’ve been and that had affected the overall performance but I still enjoyed it. We had left 15 minutes early to catch the end of Neck Deep’s set at the Lock Up Tent, luckily for us we managed to catch ‘A Part Of Me’, ‘Can’t Kick Up the Roots’ and ‘Where Do We Go When We Go’. It wasn’t my first time seeing Neck Deep and they have remained one of my all-time favourite bands.

Leeds Festival 2017 - Rebellious Noise Review

Saturday morning started very like Friday morning, kicking off the day with a cider and a game of cards. I made my way to the arena at about 2pmwhere I sat and watched Rat Boy and Circa Waves. Some of my favourite times at Leeds are sat on the grass having a drink and watching all types of people getting on with the day in their own ways. At 5pm I made my way to the NME Tent to watch Anne Marie, Lethal Bizzle and Subfocus consecutively. The energy at this stage is constantly at a high – which is why it is one of my favourite tents. By the end of Subfocus I was shattered, but the evening was still young and there was a lot of fun to be had. We made our way to get food before catching half of Bastille’s set at the main stage, followed by Kasabian. We made our way closer to the front to watch Kasabian and the atmosphere was one to remember. One thing is for certain – no one should underestimate their performance. After Kasabian ended, I grabbed myself some chilli nachos and a beer before I started to head back to the tent, it didn’t take long for me to get distracted by the DJ sets and I ended up dancing into the early morning.Leeds Festival 2017 - Rebellious Noise Review

We kicked off the final day with our new-found tradition of cider and a card game before we started to make way to the arena, the weather had stayed fair all weekend but Sunday was especially hot. We got to the area at 1pm and we were just in time to watch Moose Blood. I have watched Moose Blood perform all around the country but it’s a band that I never get bored of watching. Although they were on stage early in the day, they still had a decent crowd.
After Moose Blood we watched The Pretty Reckless whilst sat on the grass again. After The Pretty Reckless finished playing, we went over to the Dance Tent to watch Lany. I have been listening to Lany’s debut album on repeat since it was released in June 2017 and their set was really laid back and chilled.

Leeds Festival 2017 - Rebellious Noise Review
It was time for the final two performances of Leeds Festival 2017Major Lazer and Eminem. Major Lazer hit the stage at 7.30pm and didn’t stop putting on a show until they were over – A mix of new and old remixes kept the energy within the crowd high and the atmosphere was lively. It was a great set up for Eminem who was coming to the stage at 9.30pm.
As it got closer to Eminem’s set, the crowd was getting noticeably crammed in – thousands upon thousands of people flooded around the Main Stage ready to see the King of Hip Hop perform. Half way through the set we decided to move further back, but this was a challenge, Eminem was by far the most popular set all festival. There was people who couldn’t even see the stage because they were so far away that were still standing and singing along. Although Sunday evening is always a bit sad as it means that the festival is coming to its end, it was certainly a great finale.

Overall, Leeds 2017 exceeded my expectations and my personal highlights were Halsey, Neck Deep, Major Lazer and Eminem. Leeds 2018 can’t come quick enough.


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This year’s SlamDunk was definitely going to be unforgettable, marking the 10th anniversary of the festival, SlamDunk was determined to make this the biggest and best festival yet. I headed over to Leeds to get involved.

Last year SlamDunk North was held in Leeds University, this year it upgraded to being spread out across the centre of Leeds, main stage was located in Millennium Square with a capacity of 8000 whilst other stages were found in the O2, Leeds Beckett University, carparks and backrooms of bars.

The first thing I headed to was the Neck Deep signing at the Kerrang! tent, I was the first in the queue but I was just the start of a line of hundreds of people. It was the only signing I was able to attend as all the other clashed with different sets I wanted to go to..


The first band on the main stage was Set It Off and they certainly weren’t short of energy. After recently kicking Austin (Bassist) out of the band I felt like SIO were really trying to prove their success to the crowd, although the crowd was small and quiet it didn’t stop Cody (vocals) from getting them moving. They did an unusual cover of Ariana Grande’s ‘Problem’ and their single Why Worry seemed to be the most well-known song within the crowd.

Set It Off

Cody jumped off the stage a couple of times to come right up to the barrier, he even managed to walk on top of the crowd for a while (until he fell). Overall it was a nice start to the day and showed how much potential the rest of the day could have.

Set It Off 2

After SIO, I made my way to the MacBeth stage where Knuckle Puck were playing, a considerable smaller stage but there was definitely a lot more fans crammed into a small carpark. A lot more people singing back to Knuckle Puck and it felt like SlamDunk was actually kicking off now. Personally No Good made the entire set for me, the way the crowd reacted to this song was different to all the rest and it really got me excited for the rest of the day. Even people at the back started moshing around to it. Neck Deep are close friends of Knuckle Puck and Ben Barlow did guest vocals on Your Back Porch.


Beartooth started not long after Knuckle Puck ended so I headed over to the o2 Academy, but with a fairly long queue to get in I didn’t think I’d be able to see all their set. Luckily I got in just as they started, after I saw Beartooth on Thursday night in Carlisle (Check out my review of it here) they were definitely one of the bands I most looking forward to seeing- and they didn’t disappoint. With the biggest crowd I’d seen so far and mosh pits starting all over the room they were certainly entertaining the crowd.


Neck Deep were next on the main stage and I first saw them live at SlamDunk 2014 so I knew I had to see them play the main stage this year. Following the release of their newest single ‘Can’t Kick Up The Roots’ it seemed that many people were hoping to see this live. Neck Deep had the biggest crowd by far and people were singing back louder than ever. When they began playing A Part Of Me the atmosphere changed from being one of the most brutal crowds I’ve experienced to the most relaxed (and even emotional) crowd, people were singing back louder than ever and it was a song that everyone just experiences and appreciates for its simplicity. Laura Whiteside even made an appearance. They never fail to impress a crowd.

Neck Deep

I hung around at the main stage for Lower Than Atlantis. They undoubtedly had a huge following there for them and their set was exciting and really enjoyable to watch. Mike (vocals) took the time out to say that the band really appreciated the amount of support they received after they released their self-titled album as it was a make-or-break point for the future of LTA. The most moving part of the set was when the band left Mike to do Another Sad Song, this was a highlight for me as it is a personal favourite of theirs.


Moose Blood was held at the smallest stage but it was completely packed out, and totally worth standing around in a room that felt about 100 degrees (not even exaggerating). Moose Blood was guaranteed to be one of the roughest, craziest shows of the day. The set felt more intimate than the others from the day and was definitely one of the most enjoyable. There was no barrier at the stage and it added to the intimacy and Eddy (vocals) even sustained a nose injury after a fan crowdsurfed straight into the mic. Overall Moose Blood are a must-see band and I’m glad I got to see them at SD.

Moose Blood

The last set I went to was The Wonder Years who headlined the MacBeth stage, and it was the best end to one of the best days. The most ‘tame’ crowd by far but by far the best band I saw. Soupy (vocals) was inspiring the crowd throughout the set and they played 15 songs from various albums. They ended the set by announcing they were working on new material and they’d be back soon, I’ll definitely try and head to the next show they do in the UK.

SlamDunk festival is one of the best day-festivals in the UK, the lineup never disappoints and bands from all over the world are attracted. Many of the acts are even friends from touring or writing together so it feels really- connected. I’m already excited for SDF16!


After I found out Moose Blood would finally be embarking on their first ever UK headline tour (in support of their debut album, I’ll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time), I knew I couldn’t miss out on seeing them, supported by Boston Manor and Choir Vandals you could tell this tour was going to be unforgettable.
First on stage was Boston Manor, these northern lads brought a refreshing pop punk vibe to the stage and played a 30 minute set, my personal favourites were driftwood, wolf and peach state (which also seemed to be very popular amongst the crowd). As they were playing the room continued to get more and more full, and amongst that was the growing number of head boppers and noticeably the small number of people mouthing along to songs. Although they are a relatively new band on the scene their stage presence was captivating and they were very enjoyable to watch without having to know many words to their songs. It seemed a shame that the room wasn’t packed out from the start of their set as they’re definitely one of the best support acts I’ve seen and judging by the amount of popularity and recognition they seem to be gaining during the time they’re spending on the tour I think it’s fair to say that Boston Manor are definitely ones to watch in 2015.

Next it was Choir Vandals turn, from across the pond this band sit somewhere between alternative rock and emo. Unusually this 4 piece came on stage suited and booted but it didn’t hold back on their performance, the somewhat slurred vocals of front man Austin, gave them a unique but really enjoyable sound, there did appear to be less people singing alone to Choir Vandals but were still being very entertaining all the same. Playing a variety of songs from both of their EPs they opened up with Monsters and At Night In The Rain which seemed to be very popular amongst the crowd. Towards the end of their set they played some tracks from their first EP, including An Honest Conversation seemed to be the favourite amongst the people in the room. Choir Vandals were definitely a band that you can just chill out to and enjoy.

Finally it was Moose Blood’s turn to hit the stage. Due to the massive reception of their debut album; I’ll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time, the lads basically played it in full (with a couple of extra songs from their Moving Home EP) which was accepted extremely well from the crowd. Lighting up the stage with fairy lights and kicking it all off with Pups and Chin Up the crowd went mental from the very beginning. Chin Up was dedicated to front man, Eddy’s brother. Dedicating songs to a variety of different people was a reoccurrence throughout the night, which added to the intimacy of the gig. It was during Swim Down that the crowd surfers and stage divers really got going, basically unstoppable until the very end. But Moose Blood managed to slow it down a little when they played Cherry, it was performed with extreme emotion from each member of the band. I Hope You’re Miserable also really stood out for me because the energy within the crowd was massive, especially the key line ‘I hope you’re miserable’ which the whole room seemed to shout in sync. For their encore, Moose Blood sang Evening Coffee due to huge demand from the crowd, it previously wasn’t included on the set but it definitely had a massive reaction from the crowd.
An amazing night from start to finish- Moose Blood are definitely a band that you have to experience live to appreciate the sheer talent these lads bring to the stage.