New Papa Roach album produced by fans of their ‘Infest’ sound

The Californian rock legends Papa Roach have announced their latest album “Crooked Teeth” will be released on May 19th and has been produced by Nicholas “RAS” Furlong and Colin Brittain who have come to the project with a mix of a fresh, yet nostalgic approach as first time producers and long time Papa Roach fans.

Jacoby Shaddix said The first time we met up with RAS and Colin, they said that Infest was on constant rotation when they were growing up and they wanted to bring back some of that fire” and it seems that the love for Papa Roach’s early sound is something that the producers clearly wanted to bring to their bands 9th studio album as Furlong states “The whole idea was to take the classic elements of Papa Roach that everyone loved and revamp them into a modern version of the sound through the creative process, and we ended up with a bold, courageous and more adventurous version of Papa Roach.

The new album is said to feature some classic Shaddix rapping and vocalist has teased that those who have wanted to hear his rapping again will be pleased at some of the viciousness on this record.

Papa Roach have already given us a taste of their new album with two new songs including “Help” which was released earlier this month on streaming services debuting as #1 Most Added at Active Rock and is currently #6 with 4 million streams.  The band also released the title track “Crooked Teeth” at the end of 2016, which features a more old-school Papa Roach sound.

Check out our video interviewing Papa Roach fans about “Infest” on our show the Queue & A outside one of their shows in London.


In-Fest 5 photos now online

After a great night at In-Fest 5 with some amazing performances we are happy bring you the pictures from some of those capturing the night. You can find the official album via the Rebellious Noise facebook page here. Photos are from Captured by Corinne and Alastair Hall Photography.

The official RN facebook also shared the following about the event: A big thank you from the RN team to all at came down to In-Fest 5 and (w)reckless last night. We saw great performances from the bands and hen from you on the dance floor! Updates on what’s next soon

We will also be adding exclusive interviews with some of the bands from In-Fest 5 very soon, so keep an eye out for updates.

VIDEO: In-Fest 5 & (w)reckless – Dingwalls, Camden (Tues Sept 8th)

In-Fest 5: Live Bands/Alternative Marketplace/Drink Deals including Pints for £1.75/Double Mixers for £3 and more/Afterparty from (w)reckless. Entry £5, Afterparty £1. Dingwalls, Camden (Tues Sept 8th)
In-Fest 5 event page:
(w)reckless event page:


In-Fest 5 tickets:
(w)reckless tickets:

(w)reckless announced as In-Fest 5 afterparty

It has been announced that (w)reckless will be the club night to host the official In-Fest 5 afterparty.


The night already contains 6 Live bands including Deadly Circus Fire, In Search of Sun, Eva Plays Dead, Feral Sun, Far From History & Dirt, an ‘Alternative marketplace’, Giveaways and Drinks Deals which will continue into the night through (w)reckless as the drinks remain cheap including Pints of Carling for £1.75 and Double Mixers for £3…Hows that for getting wrecked?


On top of that the club night will be giving away 4 tickets to the UK’s hottest new festival, Breakout Festival which includes Deaf Havana, We Are The Ocean, Martyr Defiled, TRC, The Qemists & Sikth.

In-Fest 5 tickets can be purchased here for just £5 and (w)reckless tickets here for just £1.

In-Fest 5 announcement with first wave of bands

Rebellious Noise are happy to announce the long awaited return of our flagship event “In-Fest“. The series will return with an event at Dingwalls in Camden on Tuesday 8th September 2015. In-Fest 5 will feature bands such as Deadly Circus Fire and In Search of Sun, as well as more additions to be announced soon. We will also be announcing ticket & after-party information as well as details on the stalls and other entertainment on offer.


In-Fest began in 2007 and has grown tremendously since the first event, starting out as a concept for new and underground bands in the rock scene to make an impact. The success of the first four events spanned a mini series called “Sub-Fest” as a spin off and also enjoyed huge success straight away. The team behind RN and the In-Fest have been working hard to secure a great line up and will be making more announcents soon to ensure that the event will not only live up to the vibe, atmosphere and memories of the first four but also succeed them. Dingwalls is the perfect location and this is the perfect time to bring back the beloved In-Fest series with a bang.

Keep checking back to and all RN social media outlets for updates.

REVIEW: Papa Roach – Camden Roundhouse, London (12/03/15)

When we broke the news earlier in the day that Papa Roach were going to be playing the certified Triple Platinum Infest in full at the Roundhouse and we got a huge response from fans of the Californian Nu Metal legends. Many of whom that had grown up with the bands original Hip Hop and Metal fused roots. Since Lovehatetragedy the band have strayed away from the Hip Hop elements and have grown into a more traditional rock band touring with the likes of Guns n Roses & Motley Crue to earn their stripes as a true rock and roll band with a diverse set list. I have enjoyed the work of Papa Roach in recent years but I too am one of those that grew up in the Nu Metal heyday and for me Infest is still one of the best records I’ve ever heard, the bands breakout song Last Resort was the first CD I bought in an East London branch of Woolworths.I’ve seen Papa Roach many times over the years and as with most bands with a long tenure they start to drop older material to fit in a wider representation of their back catalogue, but thankfully this year being the 15th anniversary of their debut album they announced they would be surprising audiences with random songs and some cities would have the album played in full.  London was the first city to get this surprise as we continued to break the story to those attending the gig outside whilst filming an episode of the Queue & A.


The band was in great form from the start kicking it off with the albums title track Infest which told us that we were in for a big night. “My names Coby Dick, Mr Dick if you’re nasty” was all it took to get this nostalgic crowd to pop as the band set the tone for the evening. What followed next was a rarity that was a situation where an honest representation of an album in order of its original tracklisting was played yet it felt like hit after hit without any ‘album filler’ starting with Last Resort and then into Broken Home, Dead Cell and Between Angles and Insects.Frontman Jacoby Shaddix or rather more fittingly the alter ego Coby Dick introduced the next song as a shoutout to UK sensation Bring Me The Horizon which I had been anticipating as I saw Lee Malia arrive with a crew of people just before the Papa Roach set had begun. As Jerry Horton hit up the unmistakable opening riff to Blood Brothers, you could feel the energy in the room.

It wasn’t until Binge was played that Jacoby made the first clear reference as to what they were playing that night as he introduced the addiction inspired track with “We’re gonna give you guys some more of this Infest Record”. Unless you were a die hard fan you may have been oblivious to the order of songs but the feeling for most of the night was that the building was full of hardcore fans that either could tell exactly what was going on or had found the news that we broke online earlier that day and outside during the RN crew were filming the Queue & A. What followed next was probably the highlight of the set for me, hearing songs like Revenge and Snakes back to back really drove home how special it was to be witnessing this show, since it was songs like these that until this tour hadn’t been played in many years, some over a decade. Never enough highlighted the raw emotion that this album was famous for, full of energy and an unapologetic truth that was felt through the lyrics and even down to the great Bass lines setting the tone of the album provided by Tobin Esperance.

Infest set list

The crowd were split down the middle for Thrown Away as an amped up still in ‘Coby Dick modeJacoby dived into the crowd, another great non-single of the Infest  album getting a play for this special “Throwback Thursday” setlist.Since Jacoby had posted his teaser online earlier that day there was speculation whether or not hidden track Tightrope would make it into tonight’s set. They had played it previously in recent days and the teaser image mentioned it but there was still that ‘clutching at straws‘ feeling about whether or not the band would drop their reggae inspired hidden track on us and when they did it was the calm at the end of the storm that was Infest.

The band left the stage and it wasn’t long before the “We Want More” chants were spreading through the packed out Roundhouse. When the band reappeared for their extended encore it was the chance for those craving a dose of newer Papa Roach material to get their fix as the band kicked into a thunderous performance of the title track form their most recent album F.E.A.R.The band went into another new track Warriors which has a great anthem like chant of “We are the Warriors” which goes down great live as you would expect and they followed this up with another hard hitting new track, Broken As Me. It was at this point that I started to feel a nice throwback feeling to their older style, maybe it was seeing Jacoby with his Lovehatetragedy esque blonde tint and his always energetic stage presence. But I think it was more than that, hearing the blend of the upbeat all out rock and roll style and Jacoby’s throwback rap verse in Warriors and powerful screams in Broken As Me, really gave the feeling of a band that knew how to blend their diverse range of styles.

Whilst filming the Queue & A before the gig we raised the question of whether or not there was a place in the live sets of such energetic, hard hitting rock bands for ‘sad songs‘ and what would be placing for them tonight if they were to play Scars. It was very well placed in the set and shows other bands exactly how to position a song like this. Dropping the pace and tone gradually with Lifeline, the band managed to ease fans into a calmer state to really appreciate the emotional and slower paced Scars which as always had the crowd soaring at the top of their voices along to the climatic bridge leading into its final chorus.


Next was the last song of the night and it was done by building the crowd back up with an intro inspired by the Ramones hit Blitzkrieg Bop. Psyching the crowd up with “Hey! Oh! Lets Go!” the band quickly cut into To Be Loved when an already rowdy crowd could not help to let loose one last time.

Papa Roach did a great job at finding a balance between their hardcore and more casual fans, giving their newer fans something to go home happy with even on a night on which they had treated their older fans with something many had been waiting to see for more than a decade. I highly rate the performance of Papa Roach and their dedication to do exactly what I feel was needed for their diverse fanbase in 2015. Something that needs a mention is Tony Palermo’s fluidity in playing the entire album. Whilst it was a shame not to have an appearance of original drummer Dave Buckner like they did at Aftershock Festival in 2013 when a slimmed down Dave made a special appearance behind the kit for a rendition of Last Resort, it was great seeing a brilliant sticksman like Tony who is obviously associated more with Papa Roach’s recent work, do so well at making Infest his own. Set lists made up of entire albums have been happening more and more frequently in recent years and it’s great to see Papa Roach finally do something like this as well. Next up, Lovehatetragedy…please?


Watch our episode for the Queue & A for this special event below;


Queue & A with Papa Roach fans (12/03/15)

Rebellious Noise give a “Queue & A” session with Papa Roach fans outside the Camden Roundhouse in London on 12th March 2015. We break the news on the bands monumental set list and ask fans a series of questions from their favourite Papa Roach albums to discussions about “sad songs” having a place in live shows and moshing with 6 broken bones, plus much more interesting discussions, opinions and lots of laughs.

Papa Roach to play ‘Infest’ in it’s entirety tonight in London

One of the biggest albums of the start of the millennium will be played in full tonight when Papa Roach will play Infest to a lucky London crowd.


The band recently announced they would be playing the album in full for a Cancer benefit show in their how town of Vacaville, Californa later this year but have also been hinting and surprising gig goers with the same set list before that in the early part of 2015.

Rebellious Noise sources have told us that today will be the first of those lucky days for Nu Metal fans and since we got word we have noticed that lead singer Jacoby Shaddix has posted two teaser images with the first appearing to be a hand written set list that includes the entire track list of their debut album and the second image being a photo of the album cover.

Infest set list

All things point towards tonight being a great show at the Roundhouse in Camden, the band havent played many of these songs in a very long time including Snakes which was played in Bristol two nights ago for the first time since 2001.

We are excited to see how tonight plays out and will be outside the venue chatting to fans filming another episode of The “Queue & A“. Come and let us know what you think!