Eminem will headline Reading and Leeds Festival later this year

The final headliner for this years Reading and Leeds line up has been announced and it’s none other than Marshall Mathers. The rapper known as Eminem joins fellow headliners Kasabian and Muse for the annual British Festival that will take place between the bank holiday weekend of August 25th -27th.

Melvin Benn, the festival’s boss has said that “Eminem returning to Reading and Leeds is beyond exciting. His 2013 headline performance was incredible and I can’t wait to have him back“.

This years line is one of the biggest and most impressive in recent years and tickets are on sale here.



New Year, New Me…New Playlist

What is up rebels, it’s Jax here… I know shock horror right, in this my first piece I’ll be writing to you all for Rebellious Noise.

I’m guessing we have some avid gym fans and maybe some New Years resolution newcomers on here so I’ve decided to come up with a playlist of songs that I feel you might need when gracing those exercise bikes with your sweaty cracks!

If you are looking for some decent quality and reasonably priced earphones to bang this playlist out with then don’t forget to check out this Rebellious Noise article here.

I’ll be hitting you up with three songs for pre, during and post workout.

Pre Workout

Right, we’ve made the decision to head to the gym, but what do we listen to when we’re getting started to get that blood pumping?! Kicking us off

The Prodigy – “Invaders must die”

You feel it… the dirty Sub Bass pumping into your ears gracefully given to you by the British Techno/Rock/Drum and bass godfathers that are The Prodigy. Pounding Drums with the simple yet ever so aggressive Guitar, add in some super auto tuned Vocals and Synths of pure filth…and just like that we are off the ground and running.

Avenged Sevenfold – “Scream”

Shock horror anAvenged song from an “Avenged” fan, but this is my list, so just trust me on it because it will help! The second you hear that ear splitting scream it’s on, chromatic scales, naughty deep bass and The Rev on Drums….follow that up with the lyrics the band themselves class as a strip club anthem and we’re still going, we’re long out the door and on route to the iron paradise.

Lamb Of God – “Laid To Rest”

Pretty self explanatory…. IT’S LAMB OF F**KING GOD!!!



In The Gym

Time to lift things and put them down repeatedly here be a few to get you through.

Die Antwoord – “Pitbull Terrier”

Ahh Die Antwoord you extremely odd characters, don’t ever change because whatever it is you have… it works. HARD. As usual the crazy duo keep it pumping and catchy. Easily one to bang the reps or minutes out to.

Gorillaz – “Feel Good Inc.”

Love them or hate them, The Gorillaz can make some proper ‘feel good’ songs and none more so than this Brit Pop/Hip-Hop mash up using the fabled four chords known for catchy tunes but infusing them with the Old School Rap vibe of De La Soul and I dare you not to hum the Bassline afterwards!

DMC feat. Wayne Static – “Noise Revolution”

DMC firing out lyrics like a machine while Mr. Static brings it to life with his oh so very unique vocal style. This one will get your head bobbing and brain thinking as the lyrics alone make this amazing but the crashing Guitars and Drums make it that oh so much sweeter.

Post Workout

Congratulations you made it!! Can you feel dem GAINZZ. Damn, look at you… Arnie would quake in the shadow that you cause!

Childish Gambino – “3005”

What?.. Doesn’t everyone get their rap name from from a Wu-Tang name generator?! No? just Donald then, this song will lift even the most worn out souls, it’s thumping and has just the right amount of “ughhh in yo face” Rap from the Rapper/Actor/Stand up Comedian….aaand the voice of Miles Morales….ya know the black Spider-Man….some people have all the luck!

Lamb Of God – “Walk With Me In Hell”

As you have made it through hell once more chiseling away at your ‘Adonis’ like body. You can now feel the pound of victory….as I said before IT’S LAMB OF F*CKING GOD!


Queen – “We Are The Champions”

‘Nuff said really


So there it is guys and girls some songs to throw into your mix at the Gym! Remember it’s all in good fun, I’ll catch you all soon.





Issues interview w/Rebellious Noise (25/05/16)

Scott from Rebellious Noise talks to Tyler Carter and Sky Acord of the band Issues before their gig at KOKO in Camden, London. We talk about them breaking genre barriers with a number of projects and ask them which Hip Hop tracks they would like to cover, with a little a cappella preview from Tyler. The boys also discuss who they would have replace them in the band if they couldn’t make the show.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 Soundtrack announced

If there is one video game franchise that has defined somebodies musical tastes, then it’s probably Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. The first game hit our consoles in 1999 and strung out 3 impressive sequels in the series all with one thing in common…an awesome soundtrack. Now were about to ride that virtual skateboard to some banging tunes all over again.

Tony Hawk mentioned on his Twitter “I’ve always been proud of our videogame soundtracks, and #THPS5 is no exception.” and he has every right to be proud of them, a series that opened many young minds up to artists like Goldfinger, Rage Against The Machine, Public Enemy and ACDC with songs that take many back to that moment of sitting on the living room floor button bashing to hit that sick combo. The series highlighted some of the finest in Punk, Metal & Hip Hop to really give a genuine feel of ‘Skate culture’ and the new game has a soundtrack that can hopefully do the same for the next generation and even the previous generation who may go back to the series for nostalgia and find something new in the process.

Here is the official THPS5 Soundtrack:

  • Anti-Flag“Stars and Stripes”
  • Atmosphere“Southsiders”
  • Black Pistol Fire“Hipster Shakes”
  • Bully“Milkman”
  • Cloud Nothings“I’m Not Part of Me”
  • Cold Cave“A Little Death to Laugh”
  • Connie Price and the Keystones “International Hustler”
  • Crass Mammoth “All 149”
  • Deaf Poets“Degenerate Mind”
  • Death “Keep on Knocking”
  • Death From Above 1979“Virgins”
  • Deer Mother“When the Wolves Come Out”
  • Doomtree“Mini Brute”
  • Fake P “Rorschach”
  • Family Force 5 “Raised by Wolves”
  • Four Year Strong“Go Down in History”
  • Harlan“Moment to Myself”
  • Hundred Visions“Our Ritual”
  • Hungry Hands“Highline” by Hungry Hands
  • Icon for Hire“Cynics & Critics”
  • Killer Be Killed “Wings of Feather and Wax”
  • New Politics“Everywhere I Go”
  • Plague Vendor “Black Sap Scriptures”
  • Ratt Black “Skate Rock”
  • Ratatat“Cream on Chrome”
  • Royal Blood“Little Monster”
  • The Schitzophonics “Rat Trap”
  • State Champs “Secrets”
  • Temples “Shelter Song”
  • The Orwells “Who Needs You”
  • The Sheds“Bad Things Are Bad”
  • Yogi and Skrillex (feat. Pusha T, Moody Good, and TrollFace)“Burial”

The game is due for September 29th for Xbox One and Playstation 4 and on November 10th for Xbox 360 and Playstation3 and we can not wait to get our hands on it, if you are the same then check out the “THPS is back” trailer in the mean time to wet your appetite:

Ed Sheeran covers Iron Maiden and Limp Bizkit for parody informercial

The acoustic hero has put his guitar to work on some classic rock tracks as well as hardcore rap in a parody infomercial on the Tonight show with Jimmy Fallon. Ed plays short covers of ‘Run to the hills‘ and ‘Break stuff‘ as samples for his new ‘Ed Sheeran sings Heavy Metal‘, which we think are absolutely brilliant. The infomercial is presented by an in character Jimmy Fallon who also announces tracks from Pantera to Lamb of God, which makes us at Rebellious Noise start to wish this album wasn’t just a parody! But at least we get the Iron Maiden and Limp Bizkit ‘tasters’. An exclusive bonus album of ‘Ed Sheeran sings Hardcore Rap‘ is also promised to the customer featuring a Ty Dolla $ign cover.

So here it is, Ed Sheeran doing covers you didn’t think you’d be seeing when you woke up this morning. We think our readers will enjoy this one;


Papa Roach to play ‘Infest’ in it’s entirety tonight in London

One of the biggest albums of the start of the millennium will be played in full tonight when Papa Roach will play Infest to a lucky London crowd.


The band recently announced they would be playing the album in full for a Cancer benefit show in their how town of Vacaville, Californa later this year but have also been hinting and surprising gig goers with the same set list before that in the early part of 2015.

Rebellious Noise sources have told us that today will be the first of those lucky days for Nu Metal fans and since we got word we have noticed that lead singer Jacoby Shaddix has posted two teaser images with the first appearing to be a hand written set list that includes the entire track list of their debut album and the second image being a photo of the album cover.

Infest set list

All things point towards tonight being a great show at the Roundhouse in Camden, the band havent played many of these songs in a very long time including Snakes which was played in Bristol two nights ago for the first time since 2001.

We are excited to see how tonight plays out and will be outside the venue chatting to fans filming another episode of The “Queue & A“. Come and let us know what you think!