AC/DC tour to go ahead with Axl Rose on vocals

It’s turning out to be a busy year for Axl, not only has he reformed the original Guns n’ Roses and set out on tour with them with rumours of more dates being announced soon, but he has now committed to joining fellow legendary rockers AC/DC on tour filling in for vocalist Brian Johnson.

It’s never good news when a band have to have one of their members drop out of a tour due to health reasons, such as Brian’s risk of losing his hearing but at least scenarios like this can sometimes bring out answers to the big “what if?” questions. Download Festival 2006 saw many of the biggest names in rock at the time step in for Jonathan Davis of Korn and fans were treated to a different interpretations of some of their most loved songs. It will be interesting to see how Axl Rose performs in another band with such a distinct sound and to see what kind of spin he puts on their music. The “Rock and Bust Tour” runs until June 12th and it will be interesting to see whats next for AC/DC and Axl.

The band put out a thank you to their long time singer Brian Johnson on their facebook page where they also announced the newest member of the band. The statement read “AC/DC band members would like to thank Brian for his contributions and dedication to the band throughout the years. We wish him all the best with his hearing issues and future ventures”. It’s a strange time for fans of these two bands and not something we could have seen coming just a few months ago. Axl will join his Gn’R band mates again on their tour once his dates with AC/DC in Europe are in the bag.

Oli Sykes hits out at Kerrang! for changing cover story

Bring me the Horizon front man, Oli Sykes has seemingly cut his ties with Kerrang! magazine and seems to be relieved about it. The frontman tweeted a series of messages to his followers about his hate for the press after this recent experience of the bands Royal Albert Hall feature being scrapped for a more sensationalised piece with cover tags such as “Growling Grannies”. The April 22nd cover story does not even mention the bands orchestral gig and only features a close up image of the singer, rather than the images of the entire band.

kerrangoliOli went on to sympathise with Kanye West, expressing that he feels liberated for coming out and saying something about it publicly. The tweets also encouraged fans to seek their music fix elsewhere, unless they wanted My Chemical Romance and Andy Biersack gimmick puzzles.

If this is the end of the bands relationship with this publisher then who will it hurt more? Bring me the Horizon are arguably the hottest alternative band on the planet and Kerrang! are arguably the biggest name in alternative media in the bands homeland of the UK. Time will tell how the magazine respond to this, but if Axl Rose can call them out in the Guns n’ Roses anger fueled song “Get in the ring” and still be covered 25 years later then maybe this will all just continue to work in Bring me the Horizon’s favour.

Oli’s tweets were:

“I don’t think any of these magazines realise how much we fucking hate press. Give me a half an excuse to never work with any of em again”

“The only reason you should buy kerrang is if Andy beirsack spot the differences or MCR themed crosswords tickle your fancy”

“If you actually like music you need to look elsewhere. DONE. MAN I FEEL LIBERATED NO WONDER KANYES ALWAYS DOING THIS”

“That cover was meant to be about RAH. Jordan spent last 3 months working on the whole thing. Got bumped for the headline “growling grannies””

“Tbh I’m not even that mad I just want to make our relationship unfixable so our Managment can never convince us to work with them again.”


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CONFIRMED: Guns N’ Roses original line up to reunite!

The news that has been speculated about for ages, finally has a definitive answer…. YES IT’S TRUE… For the first time since their fall out in 1993 – Axl Rose and Slash will re-unite along with Duff McKagan and share a stage once again as Guns N’ Roses.

The reunion will take place at Coachella Festival, in Indio California on 16th and 23rd April 2016.

A US tour is also under negotiation.

All of us at Rebellious Noise are thrilled at this news!

Guns n’ Roses fans hopeful of reunion as Slash and Axl rekindle friendship

The most famous ‘what if’ reunion talks are back and this time it’s for good reason. Fans of the legendary rock outfit Guns n’ Roses are back to optimistic days since former guitarist Slash mentioned in an interview for Swedish Aftonbladet TV that he and Axl Rose were friends again. Slash mentioned “It was probably way overdue, you know. But it’s…. you know, it’s very cool at this point. You know, let some of that, sort of, negative… dispel some of that negative stuff that was going on for so long”. He was pressed for an answer about a possible reunion and quickly moved away from the question, but that hasn’t stopped fans speculating, but who can blame them? A Guns n’ Roses reunion is considered by many to be the most significant reunion yet to happen and would be more significant than any that already has.

The legendary feud between Axl and Slash is one of the biggest factors to add fuel to whether or not a reunion would ever take place and it seems that with this huge barrier potentially out of the way a reunion is likely now more than ever. Axl Rose has been touring with his new version of Guns n’ Roses since 1999, which itself has had a ‘revolving door’ like feel to it with band members.

Recent years has seen several instances where speculation that the bands most iconic line up would reunite including bassist Duff McKagan joining the band on stage as a guest indicating that he was on good terms with his former bands frontman. Duff was seen as a potential middle ground for both sides of the breakup as he was also on good terms with Matt Sorum and Slash working as Velvet Revolver. The last time the reunion rumour mill was at it’s highest was when the band were inducted into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame in 2012, but Axl did not only not attend or perform but also declined his induction into the prestigious institution of music royalty. Whether or not this new twist in the tale brings a reunion, we can at least be happy that at it’s core, two friends who went through a lot together are now on good terms again.