VIDEO: Life in 2006 – Backyard Wrestling

We got so tired of talking about 2016 that we decided to make a series on 2006 instead. I’m joined by my long time friends Justin and Terry talk about what life was like for us 10 years earlier as we react to videos of ourselves from 2006. In this episode we watch clips from when we were “Backyard Wrestlers” and talk about our lost agility, some of our questionable fashion decisions and plenty of funny memories about Backyard Wrestling and life in general.

If you like this episode then check back soon for the other episodes that see us react to more Life in 2006.

Caution: Graphic Images

Disclaimer: Don’t Try This At Home…Or Anywhere, Don’t be as Stupid as we were.

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VIDEO: Talk and Beans Christmas Bauble Adventure

The Talk and Beans boys decide to work on their Christmas Tree whilst explaining what to expect from the podcast in this festive month of December. 

There will be four podcasts in the Talk and Beans Christmas Spectacular 2016 series which will feature comedic movie reviews and discussion about Home Alone, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, Die Hard featuring special guests and a Christmas Special where Tom and Scott tell funny stories surrounding their Christmas pasts and other funny festive chat.

Comment and let us know what you would like Talk and Beans to podcast about from the world of Pop Culture!

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Finch interview w/Rebellious Noise (Koko 02/06/15)

Scott from Rebellious Noise chats to Finch. We talk about their reunion, drunk dialing, full album shows and much more. Plenty of laughs and cool insight to the bands career.

Check out the “Queue & A” episode with Finch fans outside the venue, where we put the bands questions to them here and our review of the gig here.

Queue & A with Finch fans – Featuring questions from the band (02/06/15)

QAlogomainRebellious Noise give Finch fans a “Queue & A” outside of the KOKO. We talk about their favourite albums, getting kicked out of hotels, Musical connections plus put the bands questions to them!

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