REVIEW: Impractical Jokers ‘Where’s Larry?’ Tour (13/10/17)

When around 15,000 people squeeze themselves into the O2 Arena you know it’s going to be a good night. We settled into our (much better than last time) seats and within around 10-15 mins it was time for the Support Act who was American Comedian Steve Byrne.

Although only having half an hour. Steve did pretty good, although there wasn’t much comedy and joke telling, apart from the odd joke about him being half Asian and half Irish and describing himself as an Asian Kevin Spacey dressed as a figure skater. The majority of his set was taken up by him playing out his dream of being in a boyband. He picked a number of men from the crowd, and wanted ‘One of Each’ and proceeded to pick five gents of different ethnicities to form the band. He then called up a girl from the crowd who was celebrating a birthday and proceeded to lead everyone in a hilarious dance routine. Which, for the girl must have been extremely cringeworthy. But from a fan’s perspective. It was utterly hilarious!


He then asked everyone in the crowd to get to their feet and join him in singing a song, and as Mr. Brightside blasted over the loudspeaker and words appeared on the screen, The Impractical Jokers ended up coming out dancing around and singing with everyone else and pulling a few kids out the crowd to come on stage and give a few high fives and hugs, as well as posing for a few selfies. All in all, a decent warm up for the main attraction.
It then came to the four guys everyone was waiting for: Sal, Joe, Q and Murr – The Impractical Jokers.

One thing I found which was really heart-warming was there was a lady behind us signing the show for the deaf people.


They kick off by warning the kids about curse words, then proceed to swear quite a lot, they refer to themselves as the older golden girls of Prank shows, and flow their banter backwards and forwards. They went on to talking about punishments, and the permanent ones they have had, which were the guys tattoos. They proceed to show off their tattoos they were made to get as part of a punishment, Joe was the one selecting what inkwork the guys would get, and he decided that he wanted to make them personal to each guy. Q was first up saying that his took 30mins and was a cat and the words ’38 . Lives Alone. Has 3 Cats’ which at the time was accurate. They were joking that there were enough spaces to add things to it, and they moved on to the next one which was Murr who’s tattoo took 1hr 30mins and was a skydiving ferret, due to the guys saying he looks like a ferret and him being really scared when he skydived. Sal was the last one up, and was in the chair for 3hrs when they showed him the tattoo that Joe had chosen for him, it was a portrait of Jaden Smith on his thigh, which was totally random, and he says adds a conversation starter for when he’s getting intimate with women etc. He also said they met Jaden Smith and showed him the tattoo, he didn’t seem best pleased in the photo they put on the screen.
The next story they told involved Q and WWE Superstar Hornswoggle, they got talking over twitter and Q went to DM his number to ‘Swoggle, not realising that he actually posted it as a status. He received so many calls and texts, that he called to change his number. When on the phone he read the number out loud, and while he was doing this, Joe over heard and tweeted the number, much to the hilarity of Sal and Murr. Q Called again and changed the number a second time, and again one of the guys tweeted out the number. They did eventually let him sort it properly.

Sal’s story he told was about a guy in a wheelchair. He said there was this guy he noticed who was either standing, or sitting up very high in his chair, so Sal challenged him, and the guy shouted out I’m in a wheelchair. Sal’s face was a picture! The next time they went to the show in the same city, the same guy was there and he had a T-shirt saying ‘I’m in a wheelchair.’


They then decided to play a game which they play with each other on a night out. They teach us how to play: You put your phones in the middle of the table… Then someone random picks one of the phones, open their contacts, scroll down and when someone shouts stop, they have to stop and send the message ‘I tested positive’ to the person and wait for the reply. They did this with the audience, and a random chick gave them her phone, the contact it stopped on ended up being her Dad! He didn’t reply, so they texted again saying ‘Fuck You’ and then again with a picture of Joe’s butt.

The guys brought the show to a close with a massive thank you to their second home, and that in January over 75,000 people came out in London to watch them, and that they were family and not just fans.

They show the video of Murr eating shit again, and close the show with Twist and Shout.

All in all I enjoyed the show, and some of the stories that they told were brilliant and hilarious.

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Talk and Beans: Star Wars – Return of the Jedi

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The boys talk about Jabba the Hutt’s debated first appearance, Why Justin was scared of Bib Fortuna, Controversy around Anakin’s hologram and the Bossk > Boba Fett campaign.

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Plenty of laughs in general as Tom guides a sick Scott through the episode that goes all over the place…in a good way. 


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VIDEO: Worst Transfer Deadline Day Ever (SPOOF)

The busiest day of the window ends up being the most hectic as some of the worst reporters clash with some of the worst fans.

Davey MacDonald keeps messing up at West Ham, the enthusiastic Austin Steinberger is sent to Arsenal, Chandler Buckingham III has to deal with commoners at Chelsea and Barry Redcap has a few deals up his sleeve.

This is obviously meant as a lighthearted spoof, we hope you can see the funny side of the Transfer Deadline Day with us.


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REVIEW: Impractical Jokers ‘Santiago Sent Us’ Tour (07/01/17)

As we settled into our seats with overpriced drinks and a tinge of dread being so high up, we soon forgot about that as the show began.

We are met by adverts on screens for Comedy Central and await the first act of the night.

It’s then we have someone come on stage to give us ‘Bad News,’ You’re not allowed to film here tonight. Thank goodness for that, I thought there was going to be some kind of change to the show or someone was ill.

He then introduces the first act of the night; comedian Owen Benjamin, he blasted through a repertoire of jokes and songs, mostly about relationships, girls and even mocking Coldplay.

The crowd seemed very into his performance and even joined him for a singalong to made up song ‘Feel My Heat’ which also prompted a few thousand impromptu fireflies, lighting up the O2 Arena with phone lights.

This sadly was where his set ended, to great applause. Definitely a comedian to watch out for.

We then move onto the guys everyone is there  to see; Sal Vulcano, Brian ‘Q’ Quinn, Joe Gatto and James ‘Murr’ Murray – The Impractical Jokers. The moment these guys walked on stage you could sense that something special was happening, they had played the previous night in Belfast to around 7,500 people and said that this, their first of four nights at London’s O2 Arena was double the size of their biggest ever crowd.


You could sense the nervousness throughout. But all the guys pulled together and bounced off each other, a few well placed dick jokes, and some unseen clips from some of their shows, put them a lot more in their comfort zone.

For four best friends of 27 years, who are used to filming stuff in public and dicking around to be placed on a stage in front of 15,000 people hanging off their every word, they did an incredible job.

There was some great comedy moments, some interesting clips, and a few visible tears from Sal who thanked the crowd, and also confirmed the group would be back over in the U.K. in October. In what capacity, we don’t yet know. But we will definitely look out for it.

Overall, a great show, 15,000 approving fans! And only one… LARRY!

Santiago Sent You… London loves you!

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VIDEO: Scott reveals his New Years resolution for 2017

It’s that time of year when everyone tries to better themselves and Scott has come up with what could possibly be his biggest resolution yet, something that will change everything.


Scott Wars: One mans ignorant journey to Episode VIII” begins on Saturday January 28th 2017. Starting with the original Star Wars movie and finishing with Episode 8 when it’s released later in the year.
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VIDEO: Life in 2006 – Backyard Wrestling

We got so tired of talking about 2016 that we decided to make a series on 2006 instead. I’m joined by my long time friends Justin and Terry talk about what life was like for us 10 years earlier as we react to videos of ourselves from 2006. In this episode we watch clips from when we were “Backyard Wrestlers” and talk about our lost agility, some of our questionable fashion decisions and plenty of funny memories about Backyard Wrestling and life in general.

If you like this episode then check back soon for the other episodes that see us react to more Life in 2006.

Caution: Graphic Images

Disclaimer: Don’t Try This At Home…Or Anywhere, Don’t be as Stupid as we were.

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VIDEO: £1 Secret Santa 2016

Some of the Rebellious Noise staff gather to exchange “Secret Santa” Christmas Presents. There was only one rule and that was to keep to a budget of £1…Sorta. Danta Clause comes to town and brings some gifts that are questionable, awesome and silly. The boys also talk about their favourite presents from previous years and have a laugh along the way.
Merry Christmas from Rebellious Noise.

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