Finch vocalist says band are done as former band mates say he quit

Nate Barcalow recently posted that Finch were done playing together as a band in a statement released on his instagram account. The singer claimed that it was his only way to get his message out there as he had been “locked out of all Finch social media”. The vocalist went on to say that he was announcing this news with a “heavy heart” but explained that to him the creative endeavors had become less of a collection decision. Nate then stated that he was giving fans one last gift for all of their support:

In the summer of 2015 Finch had started working on a new record which has since been abandoned and left for dead…until now. I have decided that as a last gift to you all I am going to release the demos of these songs. I still believe in these ideas and think that they deserve to be heard (even in their most raw form). I have put them up on my YouTube channel with lyrics included, so go take a listen.

The demos can be found here.

Nate’s former band bands have now released a statement of their own claiming that they have not been able to contact their vocalist since January 2016 when he stopped contacting them after missing several band sessions in late 2015. Grizzly, Daniel and Pappas went on in the joint statement to explain that they have had to turn down many tour offers and estival appearances because they couldn’t reach their bandmate. The guys also stated that it was Nate not agreeing with the new direction of the bands sound that made him leave and emphasised that they were disappointed in their vocalist quitting the band for a third time and made reference to him leaving previously in 2004 and 2009.

Not to be outdone with gifts for their fans, the other band members also gave out some new music which are on their YouTube channel and are two brand new songs that the band had been sitting on that demonstrate the stylistic change in the bands sound. you can listen to these tracks here.

The full statement from the band is as follows;

Within the last 10 years Finch has only released ONE full length album… That can’t be understated. In 2009, Nate walked away from an album and quit. Yesterday, Nate quit again, for the third time in the bands history (2004, 2009, & 2016). We all knew it was coming, it was not a shock. In 2015 we wrote a batch of songs, but did not have a completed album. We entered the studio with a producer friend of ours to work on some material that would complete the album and begin pre-production on the songs we already had. Nate was a no show for the majority of these sessions and chose to stop communicating with the band in January 2016. Throughout 2016 there have been tour offers we’ve had to pass on, festival appearances we’ve passed on because we were unable to reach Nate. I think it is important for Finch fans to know that we’ve always had the best intentions, we always strove to create the best songs we could, but you cannot control other peoples’ behavior. Nate’s choice to quit again is disappointing, but not unexpected.

We’re really proud of the last two songs we recorded as a band. In Nate’s mind the stylistic change was enough to throw away his career. We just thought they were great Finch songs. We’ve posted both them on the Finch youtube channel, and hope you enjoy them.

Cheers everybody! We’ll see y’all next year for the What It Is To Burn 15 year anniversary tour!

-Grizzly, Daniel, and Pappas

When we interviewed Nate and Grizzly last year we did ask them about the bands then recent reformation and referenced the two previous break ups and how they felt about this time round, which makes for a very interesting watch now listening to them discuss it in hindsight. Check it out below;

Yellowcard announce final album and farewell World Tour

Pop punk legends Yellowcard have announced that they are to finish as a band later this year after a world tour and final album will be released. The band are set to release a new self-titled album as a parting gift to their fans. A North American tour will kick off on October 6th and will run until November 22nd, as the band prepare for their final European shows, which starts with a gig in Amsterdam on December 7th and running up until the last day of the tour in Birmingham on December 18th.

An official statement from the band read “When saying farewell, it is hard to know where to start, especially when there are so many reasons not to say it, but the time has come to share this news,”  the joint statement went on to explain what the end meant for the band and fans alike, “After countless discussions and months of thought, we have decided that it is time for Yellowcard to come to an end. This will be our last album and our final world tour.”

Yellowcard-ST_COVERThe new album can be pre-ordered at and is set for release on September 30th. It will be a shame to the boys go out, but we are sure that the final shows will bring a great mix of the explosive live energy the band have maintained for years and the emotion that comes with a farewell. The bands heartfelt statement comes with a plea to fans to join them on this final experience asking “Please come and join us on our last trip around the globe. We hope to share this final record and tour with each and every one of you.”

UK & European Final World Tour Dates
Dec-07           Amsterdam               Netherlands             Melkweg OZ
Dec-08           Cologne                    Germany                  Live Music Hall
Dec-09           Cologne                    Germany                  Live Music Hall
Dec-11            Bristol                       UK                           O2 Academy
Dec-12           Glasgow                    UK                           O2 ABC
Dec-14           Manchester               UK                           O2 Ritz
Dec-15           London                      UK                           O2 Shepherds Bush Empire
Dec-17           Nottingham               UK                            Rock City
Dec-18           Birmingham              UK                            O2 Institute

Guns n’ Roses fans hopeful of reunion as Slash and Axl rekindle friendship

The most famous ‘what if’ reunion talks are back and this time it’s for good reason. Fans of the legendary rock outfit Guns n’ Roses are back to optimistic days since former guitarist Slash mentioned in an interview for Swedish Aftonbladet TV that he and Axl Rose were friends again. Slash mentioned “It was probably way overdue, you know. But it’s…. you know, it’s very cool at this point. You know, let some of that, sort of, negative… dispel some of that negative stuff that was going on for so long”. He was pressed for an answer about a possible reunion and quickly moved away from the question, but that hasn’t stopped fans speculating, but who can blame them? A Guns n’ Roses reunion is considered by many to be the most significant reunion yet to happen and would be more significant than any that already has.

The legendary feud between Axl and Slash is one of the biggest factors to add fuel to whether or not a reunion would ever take place and it seems that with this huge barrier potentially out of the way a reunion is likely now more than ever. Axl Rose has been touring with his new version of Guns n’ Roses since 1999, which itself has had a ‘revolving door’ like feel to it with band members.

Recent years has seen several instances where speculation that the bands most iconic line up would reunite including bassist Duff McKagan joining the band on stage as a guest indicating that he was on good terms with his former bands frontman. Duff was seen as a potential middle ground for both sides of the breakup as he was also on good terms with Matt Sorum and Slash working as Velvet Revolver. The last time the reunion rumour mill was at it’s highest was when the band were inducted into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame in 2012, but Axl did not only not attend or perform but also declined his induction into the prestigious institution of music royalty. Whether or not this new twist in the tale brings a reunion, we can at least be happy that at it’s core, two friends who went through a lot together are now on good terms again.

Blitz Kids announce split

Just a few weeks ago Blitz Kids announced they were taking a break from touring to focus on writing new material, ensuring fans they would be back soon. Since then, they released a statement informing people that they have actually decided to finish as a band, much to the disappointment of many. Their upcoming tour has been cancelled and they will be doing a few farewell shows around the country.

The statement was published on the band’s facebook and said,

I don’t want to talk in clichés or metaphor, so I’m just going to come straight out with it. It is with heavy hearts but heads held high that we must announce it is time for us to take our leave.

We have always said that we are friends, first and foremost, before a band. And it is as friends that we have reached this decision to end this incredible adventure that we started 8 years ago. Between then and now, this band has taken us to beautiful places that we’d never have experienced without it, and introduced us to people who we consider family and friends for life.

We’ve worked with some amazingly passionate and extremely tolerant people during out time as a band. They showed faith in us when we doubted ourselves, and they gave us a chance when we perhaps didn’t deserve one. We are eternally indebted to every single one of you.

But none of what we have achieved together would have been possible without you, the fans. We’ve gone from playing to the sound guy and his mates at pubs in Nantwich, to going on tour with our favourite bands, and stepping out on festival stages that we only dreamed of playing as kids growing up. You have taken us on the journey of a lifetime, and we will always love you.

We’re sorry, but the upcoming tour has been cancelled, and tickets will be refunded. We will be playing some farewell shows that will be announced soon. We hope to see you there to celebrate what have surely been then best years of our lives.

So long, and thanks for all the beers.

Never die.

Jono, Joe, Nic and Matt


We at Rebellious Noise would like to wish all members of the band all the best for the future. For more on Blitz Kids, check out my review of their show in Manchester from October last year here.

Gogglebox’s Silent Jay leaves show and breaks silence with Mayday Parade cover…sort of

For weeks ‘Silent’ Jay Makin has been entertaining us with his silence when watching TV, letting us know that even those who only react inside to their favourite TV shows deserve to be on a reaction based TV show. You may have seen Jay sit with his now ex girlfriend Eve Woerdenweber and her family until this weeks episode had an empty space on the couch. You know, the alternative rock family of the show. Mum Viv actually met her husband Ralf whilst drunk, dancing to Rammstein’s “Du Hust” , does it get more metal than that? 

This weeks episode was the first without Jay after rumours circulated that he would infact still appear on the show despite his break up with Eve, but Jay told The Sun that she had even deleted him off of Facebook, gutting.

Well, the departure of the silent man from the show isnt the only talking point for Jay fans as a video has recently surfaced online of him not only talking but singing! Jay performs his own rendition of a Mayday Parade song “Jamie all over”. The video was posted 2 years ago and has recently surged in viewership since being discovered online by fans of Gogglebox. One thing we picked up on was how he signed out from the video with “Thank you, Goodbye” which is something the Gogglebox fans didn’t get to see on the show. Closure? For now, Until we get a spin off show.

Bullet for my Valentine bassist leaves band

Another band having another band member call it a day and this time it’s Bullet for my Valentine’s Jay James that’s the one making headlines. The band announced “with regret” that Jay would be leaving and “no longer a member of the band“. The statement posted via the bands facebook page signed off by the remaining members of the band continues to explain that they will be announcing a replacement for the 4 strings when “the time is right“, something that looks to be in the near future as the band are known to be currently in the studio working on their fifth full length record.

Bullet for my Valentine also raise expectations with some hints of other big things in 2015 also by going on to explain that they are currently working on some “exciting things going on behind the scenes“. We at Rebellious Noise wish the boys in Bullet and their now former member Jay the best of luck in the future.

The full facebook statement issued by the band is below;

To all our fans around the World,

It is with regret that Bullet For My Valentine has to announce that Jay James is no longer a member of the band. Jay has been a part of this band for well over 12 years and part of our lives forever, and we’re gonna miss him as much as we know you guys are too. We wanna wish him all the best and success with whatever he chooses to do next and will always be grateful for his contribution and sacrifices he made for this band.

We’ll announce a replacement for Jay when we feel the time is right, but until then we’re gonna be busy and focused recording our next record and making sure its the best album we’ve ever made.

2015 is already shaping up to be a massive year for us with lots of exciting things going on behind the scenes which we’ll be announcing as soon as we can.

Thank you all for your continued support.

Matt, Padge, Moose.