Sea of Thieves cannon stunt breaks Guiness World Record

When you think of promoting games you may think of TV adverts, billboards, posters etc. but Rare had a different idea when it came to promoting their upcoming game Sea Of Thieves. They decided to shoot someone out of cannon.

On Tuesday 13th of March 2018 David “The Bullet” Smith took part in the World Record attempt of getting shot out of a 34ft cannon ….just like players can in the game. The attempt was shown live on Microsoft’s own streaming service Mixer. So after doing the last few safety checks “The Bullet” climbed into the cannon and the countdown began, “The Bullet” was shot high up into air and the Guinness World Records confirmed that he had indeed set a new World Record. So a big congratulations to David “The Bullet” Smith on his explosive new record!

Sea of Thieves will be out on Xbox One and Windows 10 on the 20th March 2018 and available to pre-order now. The game will also be available on the Xbox Game Pass on it’s day of release.

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