REVIEW: You Me At Six – Manchester Arena, (13/2/15)

Throughout the whole of the All Time Low/You Me At Six co-headline tour its been up to ATL to open and YMAS to close, so after over 2 hours of waiting, it was finally the turn of this Surrey based band to hit the stage.¬†Although it was a co-headline tour there is an underlying worry for either bands that one might seem a lot more popular than the other, but this wasn’t the case for ATL and YMAS, each seemed to have the same level of support, which would take a lot of the pressure off both of the bands.


The build up to You Me At Six’s set was amazing, over a minute of dramatic music and flashing lights. As each band member walked onto the stage the level of excitment within the crowd started to build. It was when Josh walked on to the stage that the proper screaming started, the music then turned into Room To Breathe from their most recent album, ‘Cavalier Youth’ was an immense song to begin with because it was such a huge hit in 2014.

As YMAS worked their way through a lengthy set with a good mix of old and new songs, one thing did stand out- You Me At Six seemed to have a lot more pyrotechnics and an overall bigger production. Fireworks through multiple songs and even two confetti showers, no one was complaining but personally it felt like YMAS were more of a headline than a co-headline. They’re stage presence was one that really captivated the audience and Josh gave a lot of eye contact to the crowd standing at the front whilst he’s performing- but he doesn’t just focus on the people at arms reach from him, he did pay attention to the people up in the seats encouraging them to stand up and that ‘no one can tell you what to do, this is your night’.


You’d expect the crowd to be running out of energy as the night progressed but after YMAS came back for their encore the room had more energy than ever! The encore was a mix of what seemed to be three of the most popular YMAS songs, Bite My Tongue, Fresh Start Fever and Lived a Lie. Everyone was putting all their effort into making these songs as spectacular as they could and ensuring the night ended on a high. The All Time Low/You Me At Six co-headline tour was well anticipated by many but was definitely worth the wait. A night to remember!