REVIEW: Moose Blood, The Brickyard 09/09/2015

When Moose Blood released their first material in 2013 they certainly made an impact on the UKs emo scene, quickly attracting fans from all over the country, they toured alongside the likes of Gnarwolves and then eventually embarked on a tour of their own in aid of their debut album, “I’ll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time”. I first saw Moose Blood in January when myself and a few friends made a 4 hour journey to London’s Borderline venue. It was their biggest gig to date and there was a surreal atmosphere in the rather small room, next time I saw them was Slamdunk Festival North, then Leeds Fest and now they finally came and played my local venue, a rarity to say the least.


Moose Blood finished their tour in Carlisle and I was somewhat nervous about it- crowds at The Brickyard never seem to be as enthusiastic or enjoyable as other gigs and it’s actually quite embarrassing, but this time was different. I finally thought The Brickyard was making a good name for themselves, the room was full, the crowd was singing as loud as they could and mosh pits were opened during nearly every song. They started their set with Cherry, a slower, calmer song that most bands would usually play mid set after the crowd had gone wild from the start. As they progressed through their set the crowd got more and more into it, as did the band. They played all their most favoured songs like Boston, Anyway, Gum and Swim Down which the entire room loved. One thing I liked about the evening is that they played Kelly Kapowski, a song they usually miss off the set list but all-in-all was very well received.


Eddy (lead singer and guitarist) is also one of the most polite band members I think I’ve ever encountered, after nearly every song he thanked the crowd for their continuing support- it really makes the band seem worthy of the success they’re gaining. The only downside to the night was that their set was very short, about 40 minutes of Moose Blood and roughly an hour and a half of support (which the majority of the crowd were less than enthusiastic about). Moose Blood are a must-see band and I’ll always try my best to see them on tour. Their stage presence is captivating and (in my opinion) their sound makes them one of the best emo bands on the scene! I’m very excited to hear new material they release in the future.