REVIEW: Lucifer (TV Series)

As soon as I saw Lucifer advertised I knew I just needed to watch it, tall, dark and devilishly odd looking, my first impressions of the actor were compared to that of a historical ‘imp-like’ Satan, combined with his sarcastic Brit humour, the character instantly grabbed my attention.

Lucifer is suitable for a range of late teen/adult audiences with mixed genres of comedy, drama, crime and fantasy. The story follows Lucifer Morningstar; the Devil who got bored of his fiery throne and decided to take a trip to Los Angeles.

In the pilot we see how he crosses paths with detective Chloe Decker who he quickly becomes infatuated with due her being immune to his “charms” and his developing physical and emotional vulnerability around her. And we are all intrigued as to why, no spoilers here!

He joins the LAPD as a civilian consultant as he is hellbent on “punishing” those for their crimes. Much like he does in hell but this time around, without us humans branding him evil for doing so, which he is rather upset about, the poor guy obviously has daddy issues!

Lucifer’s character is complex and quirky, he openly admits he is the devil but as you can imagine us humans do not believe this claim to fame. He comes across as, to put it lightly, a twat but his cheeky grin is enough to melt your heart and make him hard to hate. On par with Damien; The Vampire Diaries, these 2 are ultimate threesome goals, oit cheeky!

Lucifer currently has 2 seasons on Amazon Prime with the next episode gracing us on the 17th January. I’m praying for a season 3!

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Rating: Magical, mystical merry go round