Red Hot Chili Peppers do karaoke carpool with James Corden

In one of the most entertaining karaoke carpool’s yet, the Californian rock legends sing and dance along to some of their classic hits. Anthony Kiedis offers James Corden a wrestling match on a lawn, Flea can’t stop playing the air bass or humming his basslines, whilst Chad air drums and lip syncs and Josh seems to be smiling the entire time and dropping some cool backing harmonies. There is even an impromptu rendition of “Food, Glorious Food”. James does take up the wrestling match offer and parks up as the RHCP boys gather round a random persons front lawn and the match begins…seriously.

Not only is it great to hear back some of the classic songs, it’s great to see a band enjoy themselves this much after so many years together on the road. The guys seem to genuinely be having fun and James Corden is lapping it up in one of the best segments we’ve seen on the Late, Late show. The bands frequent shirtless appearences gets brought up and James decides to join Flea and Anthony with their ‘free’ style.

Check it out below and have a good laugh!