Oli Sykes hits out at Kerrang! for changing cover story

Bring me the Horizon front man, Oli Sykes has seemingly cut his ties with Kerrang! magazine and seems to be relieved about it. The frontman tweeted a series of messages to his followers about his hate for the press after this recent experience of the bands Royal Albert Hall feature being scrapped for a more sensationalised piece with cover tags such as “Growling Grannies”. The April 22nd cover story does not even mention the bands orchestral gig and only features a close up image of the singer, rather than the images of the entire band.

kerrangoliOli went on to sympathise with Kanye West, expressing that he feels liberated for coming out and saying something about it publicly. The tweets also encouraged fans to seek their music fix elsewhere, unless they wanted My Chemical Romance and Andy Biersack gimmick puzzles.

If this is the end of the bands relationship with this publisher then who will it hurt more? Bring me the Horizon are arguably the hottest alternative band on the planet and Kerrang! are arguably the biggest name in alternative media in the bands homeland of the UK. Time will tell how the magazine respond to this, but if Axl Rose can call them out in the Guns n’ Roses anger fueled song “Get in the ring” and still be covered 25 years later then maybe this will all just continue to work in Bring me the Horizon’s favour.

Oli’s tweets were:

“I don’t think any of these magazines realise how much we fucking hate press. Give me a half an excuse to never work with any of em again”

“The only reason you should buy kerrang is if Andy beirsack spot the differences or MCR themed crosswords tickle your fancy”

“If you actually like music you need to look elsewhere. DONE. MAN I FEEL LIBERATED NO WONDER KANYES ALWAYS DOING THIS”

“That cover was meant to be about RAH. Jordan spent last 3 months working on the whole thing. Got bumped for the headline “growling grannies””

“Tbh I’m not even that mad I just want to make our relationship unfixable so our Managment can never convince us to work with them again.”


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