Nintendo announce new console ‘Nintendo Switch’

The follow up to the Wii U has finally been announced today and it will be called the Nintendo Switch. Previously rumoured to have been called “NX”, the console will be released in March 2017 and will be both a home and handheld console.

nintendoswitchmainThe revolutionary console will give players the ability to slide parts of a portable controller onto a screen that comes out of the home device and allows you to play your games on the move. Nintendo have been known to take bold moves when it comes to bringing out their latest consoles.

The company have made several bold moves with their consoles since the introduction of the Playtstation and Xbox brands to stay fresh and innovative by being ahead of the curve with motion sensor controllers and 3D gaming. It seems that the company are continuing that tradition with what seems like the right move, incorporating a natural progression of how we as a society are beginning to want our games.
Watch the official trailer below: