Netflix finally adds Offline Mode for it’s App

The streaming service has finally announced that it will allow users on iOS and Android devices to download their favourite Films and TV Shows to their devices to use without WiFi or Data. Netflix fans have been waiting for this for many years, since other streaming services like All 4 and BBC iPlayer have had their own ‘Offline Mode’ for a number of years.

Downloadable content can easily be found in the “Available for Download” category inside the app and it currently has TV Shows such as Better Call Saul, Black Mirror, Breaking Bad, Narcos and House just to name a few as well as a rich list in Movies available for download also.

Netflix is the largest streaming company world of it’s kind and this will surely be another great step in the right direction for the company. We just hope that the “Netflix and Chill” phenomenon doesn’t end up on the London Underground with it.