Jim Root Reveals he was fired from Stone Sour… Over The Phone!

Slipknot’s Jim Root has revealed that he was fired from Stone Sour over the phone…

Earlier in the year, the former Stone Sour guitarist sat out of the band’s North American headline tour to concentrate on writing music for Slipknot’s .5: The Gray Chapter – but then it was confirmed in May that Jim would no longer be part of Stone Sour at all.

Now, the Slipknot axe-man has revealed that he found out the news over the phone, as well as stating that he still hasn’t spoken to certain members of Stone Sour. Jim tells Australia’s Music Feeds: “I’ve said that to friends and everything but I still haven’t talked to certain guys in that band either, so I really don’t know what they were thinking or a hundred percent of the reason why they made the decision that they made. I mean, it was basically put to me over a phone call and I thought that was pretty lame.”

Jim has made it clear that all is well with Slipknot, though, as the Iowan metal titans gear up to release their fifth full-length – the follow-up to 2008′s All Hope Is Gone. “Life in the Slipknot camp is pretty damn good right now,” he says. “I used to be really hesitant and reluctant and resistant to say such things [laughs].”

The ‘Knot’s new record, .5: The Gray Chapter, is out on October 20 via RoadRunner Records.