Ian Watkins’ twitter account is being used to promote new music

The former frontman of Lostprophets convicted for a string of serious child sex offences is currently serving a 29 year sentence, plus 6 years on license. The singers verified Twitter account however has recently shown activity that hints at new music from L’Amour La Morguem, which was the DJ side project that Ian Watkins began in 2009, three years before his arrest.

The first posts were Soundcloud “favourites” that tend to automatically update on social media outlets if a user has the option selected, but the latest tweet is the one that seems like a genuine attempt at promotion for new music as it is a “hype” styled 7 second audio clip with the caption “2017 2017 2017” in the tracks description.

It is currently unknown wether or not this is Ian Watkins using the website himself or if somebody is using it on his behalf or if somebody has simply just hacked his account, but the most recent post suggests that Ian Watkins’ side project will be releasing music in 2017.