How Hollywood uses New York City’s alleyways to create a false image of the city

New York is always depicted on TV and Film as if it’s full of alleyways when actually there’s only about a dozen of them. This is because of their famous grid system which completely redesigned the city with it’s newly arranged streets and avenues after The Commissioners’ Plan of 1811.

This means that most of the ones that are left are in the older parts of the city in Lower Manhattan. I took this photo in Freeman Alley and it just screams New York to me… well the fictional version at least.

They might look “dangerous” to some, but I find random hidden spots like this so fun to explore. I’ve said it so many times before but NYC’s Lower East Side is just like the East End of London to me, there are just so many interesting parallels. Bowery alone feels like Shoreditch. It’s no wonder I feel so at home in that part of the city. ♥️

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