Hot Shots with Aisling Dee: Jadie

Welcome to the first edition of Hot Shots with Aisling Dee. The corner of Rebellious Noise where I will be talking to some of my favourite alternative models and getting to know them for you! In this edition I will be talking to Jadie, an animal loving dog walker from Herts, who is looking to become a dog groomer. So get yourself a four legged friend if you want an excuse to hang out 😉


  • First gig: HIM
  • Sexiest rock star: Ville Valo
  • Xbox or PlayStation: Xbox
  • How many piercings: 7
  • Bearded men or clean shaven: Clean shaven
  • Song lyric that I would give as advice: “People = Shit” 
  • Boobs or bum? BOOOBS
  • Horror character as a boyfriend? Loius from “Interview with a vampire”
  • Most disliked superhero? Superman
  • Favourite to show? Currently “iZombie”



You can find more of me here, but sadly Jadie is currently off of social media… so we’ve got a pretty good exclusive, ey! Keep checking back at for more Hot Shots with Aisling Dee.

Photographers featured in this article are Mike White and Aisling Dee.