Fight Club Soundtrack gets an awesome re-release on vinyl

The 1999 cult classics soundtrack has a new lease of life with this stunning re-release. The limited double LP has been pressed on 180-gram with a “Pink Soap” look to it, which pays tribute to the iconic Fight Club bar of soap. The vinyl itself isn’t the only piece of great artwork, the sleeve has an “IKEA” feel to it and looks like an instruction manual, which features as an underlining issue for the characters in the story. The LP also comes with a fold out sheet that continues this theme with diagrams that portray the characters played by Brad Pitt and Edward Norton in the movie.

The Fight Club soundtrack has not been available on vinyl since the films original theatrical release in 1999. There currently is no news as to wether or not this will make it’s way over the pond for a UK release but it is currently on sale in the US.

Check out this awesome unboxing video below to see what we are talking about:


If you are a fan of Fight Club then check out the Talk and Beans podcast episode about the classic movie. The episode is a fun take on the film with plenty of laughs and discussion about the themes, most popular scenes and even the awesome soundtrack. This was the first ever Talk and Beans episode and if you enjoy this then don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes.