Fat Mike of NOFX punches and kicks fan on stage. Who was in the wrong?

While on stage in Australia Fat Mike punched and kicked a fan who had tried to hug him and sing along. The altercation came after complaining of neck pain the punk singer was unsuspectingly having an excited fan jump on stage and throw his arm around him. A scene that you are very likely to see at a punk show which makes some people question “what do you expect, Mike?” but lets remember NOFX aren’t exactly an underground Punk band anymore and this isn’t just some local punk show in a dingy club. This fiasco took place at the Enmore in Sydney, a 1,600 capacity venue with security around the stage.

Since the music world mourned the death of Dimebag Darrel in 2004 due to a fan who managed to get on stage shooting and killing his “idol” ┬áthe security at shows has needed to step it up a notch, especially at the bigger shows like this one. Which has raised the issue that irregardless of whether or not Mike’s reaction was the right one or if Alex (the drunken fan) was more to blame the security should have been on top of the situation much faster.

It seems that all is well in the end of this story though as the fan and Mike have both publicly apologised to each other online via Twitter citing Mike’s Pain and the fans drunken excitement respectively as the blame. Mike has offered to buy Alex a beer if he comes to the next show as long as he doesn’t throw it at him.

The video of the event is below, look how excited he is. Maybe Fat Mike’s his hero?

[youtube id=”Ip1ZEPXIO_w” width=”600″ height=”350″]