Download to become first major UK festival to go cashless

It has been announced via the official Download Festival website that this year festival goers will be experiencing a whole new concept that will aim at cutting those annoying festival queues and to better security. The announcement comes after a flurry of rumours on the matter, which has been taken both positively and negatively by festival goers. But, I am sure that we can all agree that festival queues suck.

The scheme will involve festival goers topping up their new Dog tag wristbands with spending money that can then be used on everything from Hot Dogs to Lamb…of God merch. The new payment system will work across the whole festival and wristbands won’t limit those who feel a bit trigger happy with their cash either, as there will be several ways to top up your virtual purse. The festival will be full of top up points and the opportunity to top up via the Download website and Download app with the announcement of free Wi-Fi for festival goers.

This should save a lot of time currently being wasted in queues being put into more mosh pit time. Now all we need is something to cut the toilet queues.

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Download Festival takes place at Donington Park between June 12th – 14th.