Cool gadgets that you don’t need but will probably want

We love finding random things online that we’d usually never think of buying but once we see it…why not? I mean these items are cool, they’re pretty cheap and to be honest when your mates see them you’ll probably gain a few “cool points”. It’s like that feeling of getting a great Pokemon card in Year 6 and for that day … you are the man.

1) Wall Mount Bottle Opener. Nuff Said

2) Phone to Phone Charger. Be a hero and save your mates Battery from death

3) Lap Desk for Tablets. Work from Home? Work from Bed.

4) Polar Bear & Penguin Ice Cube Tray. I feel relaxed just looking at this picture

5) Smartphone Projector. Netlfix and chill with your Penguin Ice Cubes and a portable big screen

6) Mini Retro 8-Bit Console w/100 Games. The kind of tech you imaged as a kid

7) Key Bottle Opener. Another Bottle Opener makes this list, this ones portable!

8) Mini Slot Machine. Get your mates to play, keep their dosh (It’s not the reason why I have one)

9) Pin Art 3D Sculpture. I’ve never met someone who didn’t want one of these at some point

10) 16-Bit Mini Arcade Cabinet w/240 Games. Put this on your desk, you deserve a 5 minute break

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