Talk and Beans: Inception

Episode #84 is a podcasters dream as we get to over analyse, theorise and have a laugh about all things dreamy with our review of Inception. We talk about the use of practical effects, how the film cleverly explained the dream world, the incredible but recycled cast, which theories we believe are true and we create our own dream worlds and pick our totems.

Plus, Scott tries to dissect one of his strangest dreams and Tom talks about getting concussed at a birthday party.


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VIDEO: Creating a Pop Punk Supergroup

Who belongs in the ultimate Pop Punk band? We got Scott, Justin, Jack and Terry to argue it out in the hopes of picking a solid Pop Punk Supergroup that would stand the test of time. There are rules in place for eligibility to make things a little more difficult yet interesting and once each person states their individual bands it’s time to debate who makes the final band with the whole gang needing to agree on a line-up… It brings up a few fun arguments and laughs!


1) Only ONE member from each band (eg: It’s Mark or Tom or Travis)

2) Pick a Vocalist, Bassist, Drummer, Two Guitarists and a Wildcard option (eg: Second Vocalist, Instrument not already covered, Double-duty for a band member with more than one talent)

3) Genre is defined by a mixture of Wikipedia, Google Suggestions and common sense so there’s no genre elitists here! Who would you pick for your Pop Punk Supergroup? Let us know!


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VIDEO: Drew McIntyre on taking the NXT route and how the “Chosen One” promo happened

Drew McIntyre sits down with Scott and Dan to discuss his unique climb to the top of WWE including why he wanted to come back to WWE via NXT, what really happened when Vince McMahon introduced the him as the “Chosen One” and if he would ever use his “Broken Dreams” theme song again. The Talk and Beans boys also react to Drew’s WWE Championship win at WrestleMania 36 and why it was the right time for WWE to go ahead with the big pay off even without fans in attendance.

The original interview was filmed in London ahead of the two night residency at The o2 Arena for WWE in 2019 and the Talk and Beans footage was taken from their WWE WrestleMania 36 podcast.


Don’t forget to listen to more of the Talk and Beans boys breaking down the two night special event by listening to their WrestleMania 36 episode which is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud &

A special thank you to WWE for providing Rebellious Noise with WrestleMania 36 images courtesy of the WWE Network. WrestleMania 36 is available on the WWE Network, which costs £9.99 a month and includes a library of WWE content on demand, or get a free 30-day trial.


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Talk and Beans: NXT TakeOver – Sort of

Episode #83 is all about the NXT TakeOver that never was…sort of. Scott and Tom talk about the latest episode of NXT TV including the hard hitting 6-woman ladder match, the rumours about Rhea Ripley’s status, NXT’s use of filler and the finale of the DIY story breaking down the highly anticipated match between Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano.

Plus, what’s next for Charlotte in NXT, Shawn Michaels as NXT producer and if it really is “One last beat” for the Black Heart vs Rebel Heart story.


Talk and Beans: WWE WrestleMania 36 (feat. Drew McIntyre interview)

Episode #82 is all about the most unique WrestleMania of all time. Scott and Tom are joined by Dan to talk about both nights of action including the change in format, standout moments, commitment from the talent, Edge’s return, Gronk as host, weird thrown together bouts, the bizarre Firefly Fun House match and incredible cinematic Boneyard match.
We also share our exclusive chat with Drew McIntyre covering his climb to the top via NXT and the circumstances surrounding the infamous “Chosen one” promo.

Plus, If WrestleMania should continue being a two night event, what’s next for the hacker storyline and more.


Talk and Beans: NXT Worlds Collide & WWE Royal Rumble 2020

Episode #81 is another wrestling special as we cover the first steps on the road to WrestleMania. Scott and Tom talk about The Imperium impressing, reactions to Alexander Wholfe’s scary injury, Andrade’s wellness violation, Fluidity of the Women’s Royal Rumble, the need to capitalise on an exciting Shayna Baszler, the return of DIY and the interesting booking of the Men’s Royal Rumble with two very distinct halves.
Plus, Thoughts on all of the surprise entrants, the winners, certain superstars not being included and more.


Talk and Beans: Bad Santa

Episode #80 of Talk and Beans is the final part of our Christmas Spectacular 2019. Scott and Tom are joined by Jack to talk about the unconventional Christmas movie that is Bad Santa. We discuss the over the top nature of the main character, our own Bad Santa experiences, unexpected dark turns in the plot and original casting plans.

Plus, Tom and Jack bond over a questionable teenage memory and we discuss how strange the early 2000s was for “edgy” content.


Talk and Beans: The Rise of Skywalker

Episode #79 of Talk and Beans is another trip through the Galaxy as Scott and Tom are joined by Steve to talk about The Rise of Skywalker. The boys discuss whether or not the film wrapped up the trilogy in the right way, the benefit of special effects and great fight choreography, Carrie Fischer’s final scenes, critics of the modern trilogy and Palpatine already being revealed in the trailer.

Plus, Scott and Tom reflect on the old Scott Wars series and Steve learns the meaning behind a film term that’s always bugged him.





Scott Wars - One man's ignorant journey to episode VIII


Episodes 1-6
Episode 7
Rogue One

The Last Jedi

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Talk and Beans: Christmas Special 2019

Episode #78 of Talk and Beans is the Christmas Special and Part One of our Christmas Spectacular 2019. Scott and Tom are joined this year by Jack to talk about more remixed Christmas classics, wanting a Garage Christmas tune, what it’s like to celebrate a Birthday on Christmas Day, Jack’s weird non-Christmassy picks for favourite song/movie and we also discuss the differences between American and British Christmas traditions.

Plus, We talk about why Love Actually is an immoral movie not deserving of Romantic or Christmas Movie status and obsess over Yorkshire Puddings.



Talk and Beans: NXT War Games 3 & WWE Survivor Series 2019

Episode #77 is a return to wrestling as we talk about the current state of the industry, if claims that Seth Rollins isn’t cool anymore are true, the DX NXT invasion and the not very believable brand allegiances, the growth of NXT and their great surprises, new title designs and the incredible Women’s War Games match.

Plus, Plenty of questionable impressions and a funny misunderstanding about CM Punk and much more!