VIDEO: Cesaro on Raw after Mania returns and the Cesaro vs Beach Ball feud

Scott has a fun chat with WWE Superstar Cesaro about his memories of being the special surprise return on the Raw after Mania back in 2016 and what it’s like to be in that position having been away from injury for so long. Cesaro also sheds light the story behind his tearaway suit entrance and on one of his greatest rivalries – the Beach Ball and contemplates the idea of WWE 2K adding his fierce rival to the video game series.

This interview was filmed in London ahead of the two night residency at The o2 Arena for WWE.



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10 awesome console exclusives

Can’t afford a gaming PC? Or like me you prefer the simplicity of a console? We’ve got you covered with the best console exclusive games from the likes of NintendoPlaystation and Xbox. We’ll be looking at both game series’ as a whole and individual games that stand out beyond in their respective franchises.

10. Mario Kart series (Nintendo)

One of the most iconic racer series to date Nintendo’s Mario Kart has remained one of Mario’s more competitive and enjoyable adventures around the mushroom kingdom when it’s not destroying friendships (thanks to that blue shell).

9. Gears of War series (Xbox)

A true classic for Xbox, Gears of War has held the Xbox exclusive banner with pride over the last 12 years with it’s memorable characters and unforgettable story.

8. Bloodborne (Playstation)

Bloodborne is the terrifying extension to the Dark Souls series which features a similar fighting style but one that is not completely the same as it’s counterpart so it boasts a fresh yet familiar feel for fans of the latter. Bloodborne fit it’s ‘pre-Victorian London’ theme with huge horrifying monsters that will keep you at your controllers for hours with a beautiful mix of enjoyment and frustration.

7. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Nintendo Switch)

Link’s latest adventure in Breath of the Wild takes him to uncharted territory filled to the brim with smart and diverse enemies as well as a huge stock of puzzles that are curtain to keep you entertained for many hours.

6. Uncharted series (Playstation)

A fantastic four piece story in Nathan Drakes’ adventure that is beautifully balanced with shooting, platforming and exploration as well as delightful character banter. Uncharted will keep you glued to your screen from start to finish and leave you feeling satisfied and happy that you’ve played.

5. Spider-Man (Playstation 4)

Simply put – The best Spider-Man game since Spider-Man 2 from 2004. Insomniac brought justice to the web slinger once again with tons of references stretched across the Marvel Universe, Spider-Man PS4 will keep you entertained for many hours and has already proven to be a difference in making players pick up the current generations Playstation.

4. The Last of Us (Playstation)

Never has a post apocalyptic environment looked so beautiful. The Last of Us took the gaming world by storm in 2013 with it’s incredible story and strangely intense gameplay that has us on the edge of our seats for it’s sequel.

3. Halo series (Xbox)

The cinematic first person shooter that all Xbox gamers know and love, Halo is the story of the Master Chief John 117 leading the fight against the covenant in a extremely rich story and solid gameplay. The main series also feature equally fun and thrilling spin-off games and is another reason why the Halo series as a whole will always be a staple of Xbox gaming for many years to come.

2. God of War series (Playstation)

The story of the goat of Sparta, Kratos. The God of War series is always the fun hack and slash experience that Playstation players will hold dearly and go back to when in need of nostalgia …or anger management.

Honourable mention – Fable 2 (Xbox 360)

Lionhead’s sequel to the original Xbox masterpiece, Fable 2 is the classic RPG with definitive choices to show your console just how good or evil you really were. The morale system reflects your actions by changing the very look of your character to either a wingless angel or a pale demon with horns.

1. Red Dead Redemption 2 (Xbox/Playstation)

Okay, I might be cheating here just a little bit because it’s not exclusive to just one specific console manufacturer but technically it’s a console exclusive and Rockstar sure knew how to make PC players weep when they didn’t give them Red Dead 2. With stunning graphics that are enhanced even further with the likes of the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X that boast a solid 60 FPS, it’s enough to want to put the mouse and keyboard down and pick up your controller without a doubt.

Top 5 Games to binge over the Festive period

It’s that time of year where the weather gets colder and the nights get longer so why not sit back, relax and enjoy some quality gaming to get you through these long winter months. I’m going to go through my top five picks covering all three major home consoles, spanning genres and gameplay styles so there’s something for everyone and a few ‘must haves’ for any gamer along the way. These games will be the perfect gift for the gamer in your life or even an early present for yourself… because we all know how much you deserve a treat after all that Christmas shopping!

5. Fortnite (Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows PC, MacOS, iOS, Android)

Top 5 Games to play over the Festive Season - Fortnite

As a competitive third-person ‘battle royale‘ type game Fortnite is a sure to play over the holidays with it’s light hearted cosmetics and constant updates filled with extra content which means theres always new things to do in this game. The availability and portability of this makes it a must for the holiday season, whether you game on a smart phone, a major console or even your laptop then Fortnite is an easily accessible and welcome to addition to any device.

4. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC)

Fancy a classic laid back experience to keep you entertained for hours during the holiday? Bethesda’s Skyrim is the perfect choice to play this year with endless gameplay and extremely diverse play styles Skyrim is a must play not just for this holiday but for the whole year long. It’s more recent port to the Nintendo Switch means it’s time to revisit this classic with the new and exciting twist of portability.

3. God of War 4 (Playstation 4)

The long anticipated newest entry to the God of War franchise God of War 4 blew long time fans away with stunning visuals, a rich story and new style of game play to separate it from it’s already highly successful predecessors and the introduction of a new voice Kratos actor adding another layer of refreshment to the franchise.

2. Spider-Man (Playstation 4)

From the same developers as the Xbox One exclusive Sunset OverdriveInsomniac took a leap into the ‘Spiderverse’ and the Playstation 4 with the brand new Spider-Man, with iconic gameplay and a world filled with Marvel easter eggs this long awaited gem is a must play for PS4 players for this holiday.
Before I get to my number one pick I have to point out my honourable mention for an older game that is still worth the attention in Christmas 2018 and that is the legendary Grand Theft Auto V. If you are looking for a fun time with friends in between those Pigs in Blankets, The Queen’s Speech and listening to your Uncle ramble on then look no further than GTA V as Rockstar releases the “festive surprise” update to GTA Online every Christmas period which features a new vehicle, firework launcher and a snowy map with snowball fights.

1. Red Dead Redemption 2 (Playstation 4, Xbox One)

The sequel that fans waited eight long years for is finally upon us and this festive season is the perfect time to hop back on that horse for some RDR2. The Rockstar release is a massive open and immersive world type game that lets you live out your cowboy fantasy with a fun and rich story that makes RDR2 the perfect gift for any gamer this holiday season…even that gamer is you 😉
I hope you have enjoyed my list and are encouraged to grab a controller as you listen to some Michael Bublé and munch on Christmas Dinner leftovers. If you have been looking for some gift ideas then I hope this has helped! Check back for our Black Friday coverage where we will keep you updated on all the best Gaming deals.

Sea of Thieves cannon stunt breaks Guiness World Record

When you think of promoting games you may think of TV adverts, billboards, posters etc. but Rare had a different idea when it came to promoting their upcoming game Sea Of Thieves. They decided to shoot someone out of cannon.

On Tuesday 13th of March 2018 David “The Bullet” Smith took part in the World Record attempt of getting shot out of a 34ft cannon ….just like players can in the game. The attempt was shown live on Microsoft’s own streaming service Mixer. So after doing the last few safety checks “The Bullet” climbed into the cannon and the countdown began, “The Bullet” was shot high up into air and the Guinness World Records confirmed that he had indeed set a new World Record. So a big congratulations to David “The Bullet” Smith on his explosive new record!

Sea of Thieves will be out on Xbox One and Windows 10 on the 20th March 2018 and available to pre-order now. The game will also be available on the Xbox Game Pass on it’s day of release.

Get access to Sea of Thieves on Day One with Xbox Game Pass for just £7.99


REVIEW: Sea of Thieves (Beta)

I fortunately got the chance to be a part of the Sea of Thieves Beta on Xbox One and I have to say that I’ve wanted to play this game since it’s original E3 announcement back in 2015 so I was pretty excited to be able to finally get my hands on a version of the game.

Sea of Thieves is an Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive and players will be able to take advantage of Microsoft’s ‘Crossplay’ feature between both versions, not only that but it is a ‘Play anywhere‘ title which means you can be playing on your Xbox Console but then you can turn it off and pick up where you left off on your Windows 10 device, this also means that you only have to buy one copy of the game for use on both devices which is pretty awesome as nobody likes shelling out for the same game twice and thankfully this time we won’t have to!

This game is made by Rare who are a company best known for games like Conker’s Bad Fur Day, Banjo-Kazooie and Kameo, so old school gamers may recognise the developers name. With major hits in their back catalogue it’s clear that the games developers knew that this game had to blow players out the water (pun intended) as this could be quite the comeback for Rare. So let’s dive right into the shark infested seven seas and see if this game can flow with the rest!

Sea of Thieves is first person pirate game. When you start you get to pick if you want to play on your own, with one other person or with a whole crew of four people. I jumped in with a friend and we set sail to live the life of a pirate. You start off in a tavern with your crew and you have the choice to go and get drunk on grog, talk to the people on the island, play your musical instruments or set sail. We just got used to the buttons and then set sail and at this point I must say the graphics are stunning and although they are cartoony it helps add to the fun of the game with ships that look fantastic and water that looks even better, but to me the most impressive aspect of the games look is underwater as it looks outstanding from the sharks to the shipwrecks this is one beautiful game. Not only that but when night falls the sky lights up with the northern lights and thousands of stars. All of this looks even more impressive in stunning 4K UHD on the Xbox One X.

As you are sailing around the game world you have to hunt for treasure just like a real pirate on the random islands around the map, but you have to be careful as the undead skeletons may come out to play and try to kill you. That isn’t the end of your worries because there are sharks in the water and even other pirates (other players) in the game, but the most interesting part of roaming around with live players is that if you’re in the game chat mode then you can hear the players that you are close in your proximity, I’ve never seen anything like this featured in any other game before.


If I had to use one word to tell you how I feel about this game it would be: Amazing! I am so glad that I got to play the beta version to wet my appetite for the full upcoming game. Microsoft just announced that Sea of Thieves will be joining the Xbox Game Pass on day of release. I will be getting this game on the 20th of March and like always I will be streaming it live on Twitch when it comes out worldwide and as it currently stands I would give the beta version of this game a 8/10.

So it’s official… I am hyped to play the full game so if you are going to be sailing the seas anytime soon then you may see me shooting myself out of a cannon once or twice! If you were lucky enough to also play the Beta then tweet me what you thought of it @clivegaming and be sure to follow my stream Twitter @triplehazardtv. Be sure to check out my live streams on twitch with Triple Hazard TV.

REVIEW: Murdered: Soul Suspect

I have recently been playing Murdered: Soul Suspect developed by Airtight Games and published by Square Enix in 2014. I have heard so many mixed reviews about it but there was something inside of me telling me to play it… so I jumped in to Ronan O’Connor’s Journey to cross over the bridge.

The game is set in Salem, Massachusetts and starts with Ronan apprehending a suspect known as “The Bell Killer” and getting into a scuffle with him which inevitably ends with Ronan being thrown out of the fourth floor apartment window and landing in the street. He proceeds to get up and ask for help from bystanders who seem to ignore him and turns round to be confronted with his own lifeless body. The killer then comes down from the apartment to finish the job by shooting Ronan seven times with his own gun. Ronan and his environment suddenly turn a greyish-blue and he is sporting 7 bright orange bullet holes on his chest complete with exit wounds in his back. It’s then explained that Ronan has something that is unresolved about his death and this is stopping him ‘crossing the bridge‘ to the afterlife with his late wife who had died a few years prior due to being stabbed whilst trying to stop an argument.

Throughout the game you’re able to see a mix of surroundings in the ghostly realm and reality. Playing as Ronan you are able to pass through the items and walls that are not glowing in the spooky blue, leaving a white outline where you are able to walk through the wall. Ronan eventually finds a medium named Joy who is the only person who can see and hear him in the ‘Living world’ she helps him throughout the story to work out who the Bell Killer is and why he committed the murders of young girls as well as Ronan. We learn that the Bell Killer’s method of choice derives from the torture methods used on young women who were thought to be witches such as burning at the stake and hanging.

The game involves A LOT of cutscenes! Although they are informative and help the story progress, you see parts of the cutscenes when searching for clues before the whole investigation is finished and then the whole cutscene starts so it begins to feel a little repetitive at times. Speaking of the investigations you have to do, the solutions go from one extreme to another…  either they are so obscure you wouldn’t have even assumed that it was a relevant clue or they are so painfully obvious it makes you question your own intelligence.

The gameplay can be a little jumpy and confusing with the transitions through the walls which normally leads to you being caught by demons and having to run for your (after)life and hide in the remnants of other spirits who came to a worse fate than you. Ronan is susceptible to getting caught on random objects on the floor or coming out of the walls that you wouldn’t normally notice and this can really disrupt the game play and leads to untimely deaths and in my case a multitude of rage quits!

Graphics-wise they are average… there’s not much you can do with a game that is generally monochrome in terms of colour depth, however they aren’t bad! I love the contrast between the inside of the church with the bright reds to the beach that leads up to it which is very dark with the blue/grey coloured ghost walls and shipwreck. The walls and items that are in the ghostly blue are meant to represent what would have been there during the time in Salem when the witch trials were taking place but I feel that they could have been a little more creative with making a bigger contrast between reality and ghost realm as the game is very dark in general. I did enjoy the fact that Ronan stayed translucent throughout normal game play and in cutscenes and the little details such as the bullet holes being lit up to show how he had died and the fact that he still has his hat and trusty cigarette (which never seems to go out by the way).

Overall I really enjoyed playing through Murdered: Soul Suspect! The demons are pain in the butt to get around if you’re not concentrating, Also…  I HATE GHOST TRAINS!!!! (when you get to the museum level you will understand!) and the ending is quite satisfying. I am looking to play though again and try to ‘100%’ the game getting all the collectables and passing every investigation 100%. I would recommend playing through the game as it’s quite easy to complete if you put some time into it! I would rate the game a 7.5 out of 10, the story is great but the game play and dynamics could use a little work.

I hope you enjoyed my review! Be sure to follow me on Twitch and on Twitter @TriplehazardTV. If you have played this game then please let us know your opinions!

Xbox Game Pass to add future Xbox exclusives on day of release

Ever since Xbox announced their new subscription based Xbox Game Pass on February 28th 2017 to the insider members with a limited amount of games it got a lot of mixed reviews because of the monthly price being £7.99. Then in the last part of the second quarter of 2017 Microsoft opened the Game Pass to everyone with just over 100 games which has since grown to over 160 titles with a mix of Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Original Xbox Games.

Xbox then announced on the 24th of January 2018 that they would be adding 3 Xbox exclusive games to the Game Pass on day of release starting with Sea of Thieves on March 20th and other games such as Crackdown 3 and State of Decay 2 would follow. The team have since come out and said that they plan to bring all Xbox exclusives including the new Gears of War, Halo and Forza games to the service on day of release. Now with these new additions in mind some may say that Microsoft just supercharged the Game Pass and a lot of Xbox players are very happy about these recent announcements.

Could this be the biggest threat to Playstation and Nintendo yet from Microsoft in this current generation? Well, only time will tell!

REVIEW: Gears of War 4

Gears of War 4 is the fifth instalment in the franchise but the fourth when it comes to the series timeline and this time with new characters and a whole new story. 25 years after Gears of War 3 we start our new journey on the Xbox One with the new main character named James Dominic Fenix also known as JD and his friends Del and Kait.

This is going to be a recap of the storyline and some of my thoughts on the games biggest moments overall as I play through on the Xbox One X. The game starts with first Minister Jinn commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the end of the Locust War. While this is happening an elderly Hoffman is on stage with Jinn recounting the past battles of Aspho Fields, Emergence Day and Anvil Gate which you get to play parts of as a COG Gear along side a Young Dominic Santiago, Minh Young Kim and Hoffman himself, once he has recapped his past you move on the present day.

You start off with a cut scene of JD and his friends with Kait’s crazy Uncle Oscar where they discuss what they are about to do. Once you take control of JD you soon find out that he and Del have abandoned the COG and are now living in a settlement camp where they have since met Kait and her family and they are now trying to break into a COG stronghold to help the settlement by stealing a fabricator for weapons and defences. But as any big gamer may guess this doesn’t go smoothly because they get caught and have to then fight the Robots called DeeBees (DBs) whilst trying to get out. Once they have worked their way out the stronghold you get to see the settlement camp where they live that is run my Kait’s mother Reyna, she speaks to you and finds out that you were caught and now Jinn wants what you stole back and sends her DB’s to attack the settlement. You now have afight with them while using the fabricator to place defences around the settlement.

Now this is where it gets even more interesting, once you have beaten the DBs you get a cutscene where you and your friends are talking while Del tries to get power for the settlement. Kait sees something out the window and as you all are about to go out and investigate Reyna stops you by blocking the door to protect all of you. As the cutscene goes on you see a big battle between the people of the settlement and this unknown enemy and eventually you all get out of the room you were stuck in, but just when the battle seems to be over Reyna gets kidnapped by the things that tore through the settlement. We later find out that they are known as ‘The Swarm‘ who are in hindsight the Locust reincarnated with yellow crystals which act as armour as they are impenetrable by bullets. JD finds a yellow crystal on the floor and isn’t sure what it is, Del suggests to go and speak to someone and hints at a certain person. JD hates this idea because he knows who Del’s talking about and refuses at first but eventually he understands and decides it’s the best thing to do.

The group are seen walking up to a house where you have the option to go into a gated area to see the grave of Anya Stroud (JD’s Mother) which ends up being a beautiful cutscene with no dialogue and a touching moment as we see JD reflecting at her graveside. As the group now approach the barn at the side of the house the next scene warms the hearts of all Gears fans as JD opens the door and we see a man lean forward and say “Hello James” in that distinctive voice of the legend that is Marcus Fenix (JD’s Father). JD tells Marcus about what’s happened with Jinn and the settlement but he doesn’t care until JD shows him the crystal, at this point you see Marcus’ mood change. The years haven’t been kind to Marcus but he has no option not to fight as now the DBs are already at his house shooting at them all and as always… Marcus has a plan. We find out that he had kept their armour in the barn in case of a situation like this and he gives Kait his late wife Ayna’s armour. The group alongside the legendary Marcus fight to beat Jinns DBs and the swarm, as your journey continues you come across all of the members of the Swarm known as Drones, Juvies, Pouncers, Scions, Snatchers, Carriers and Swarmaks.

Later on as you are fighting a Snatcher Marcus also gets kidnapped and JD makes it very clear that he is going to save his dad but Kait protests as she wants to get her mum back but JD tells her that without his dad’s help they won’t be able to save her mum, with this Kait agrees to go after Marcus. After a lot of fighting you finally get to where the snatcher has hidden Marcus in a pod to kill him and make him one of the Swarm. JD cuts Marcus out and he just falls to the ground unconscious and not responding, JD tells his dad to wake up and begins to hit his chest but it doesn’t work, Del pulls him off and says there is nothing he can do to save his dad, but just as the player is about to cry at this heart breaking cutscene you hear a gurgle and Marcus coughs up all the fluid inside him. The characters and player are equally as relieved and rejoice that he is in fact alive.

Once you are out of the Swarm Lair Marcus says that they are going to need help and calls upon some old friends who we find out is none other than ‘The Cole Train‘ Augustus Cole alongside Damon Baird. So the fans of the franchise get a little Delta Squad reunion (well kind of because the late great Dom) they have an idea, Baird gives the group some big machinery to go and find Reyna. Once you are in the Mechs you can now fight the boss and it’s one of the best boss fight scenes that I have played. It can take a while but once it’s done you get to see Reyna again who is now attached to the Swarm Network and tells Kait that if she gets cut out of it then she would die. Reyna then hands Kait her necklace and says her goodbyes and then hands her mum a knife and walks away. The game ends with showing us the side of the necklace we have never seen before and the Gears fans will know that it looks just like the Locust Emblem from the older games.

In conclusion as a massive Gears Of War fan I think this is the perfect way to start off the new story to get the old fans and the new fans into the franchise. The game is an emotional rollercoaster but well worth it and I honestly think almost everyone would fall in love with this game.

If I was going to rate this game out of 10 then it’s definitely a 10/10 for me. This was also updated to 4K for free for the Xbox One X and if you played it on the other Xbox One consoles and then played it on the Xbox One X then it might even move the rating up to a 11/10!?

Be sure to follow my Twitch channel for my first impressions on games and follow my twitter accounts @triplehazardtv and @CliveGaming.

Also, check out the awesome Gears of War 4Ultimate Edition which comes with a really cool package including this statue!

REVIEW: Assassin’s Creed Origins

A few days ago I got Assassin’s Creed: Origins with high expectations as I have recently got the Xbox One X and I wanted to see this game in beautiful 4K, but not only because of that but also because all the predecessors in the franchise were amazing. So let’s take a Leap of Faith and jump into ancient Egypt in the Ptolemaic period.

Origins is the tenth instalment of the Assassin’s Creed franchise that is see’s itself set in 49 BCE (Before Common Era) ancient Egypt and we follow the story of Bayek and his wife Aya who are seeking to avenge their family by any means necessary. Bayek is a Medjay who is a protector of Siwa Oasis which is his home town but he has been exiled because he was chasing somebody that he feels like he needs to kill, but little did he know that person was a pawn in a much bigger game. In this journey you will find out how The Creed was born and this is because the lead character in the story was the first Assassin.

Bayek has many tools in his arsenal from being very skilled at free running to being a master of all different types of weapons. So let’s touch on the free running a little; almost everything is climbable even the mountains, but you have to move across the mountains to climb so it’s not very easy. This brings a sense of realism to it and also it feels a lot smoother in this game which is great to see because in some of the past games you would end up having your character suddenly stop whilst trying to climb a wall and players would all universally get annoyed. As all Assassin’s Creed games you’ll have ‘eagle vision‘ but, this time you will notice something very different, yet very enjoyable now that you can actually use Senu, Bayek’s trusty pet Eagle. The Eagle helps you throughout the game by helping you find your targets and even find animals to kill so that you’re able to craft items. I personally love Senu and I think ithink the ability to use him to further the storyline and gameplay is a great addition to the game. The wildlife in the game is amazing and you have everything from Flamingos to Lions, you have to hunt certain animals to get more crafting materials but you also get parts of the animal that you’ve just hunted, which means you can sell them to the local merchant and keep yourself in the money, because we always need more weapons and upgrades.

Just like previous Assassin’s Creed games you will encounter a few historical figures in you journey such as Ptolemy XIII Theos Philopator, Cleopatra VII Philopator and even Julius Caesar just to name a few.

As the player you will also get to play in the present day as a woman named Layla Hassan, her and her co-worker Deanna Geary were assigned with the task of retrieving an artifact in Egypt but accidentally stumbled across a tomb which kept the Assassin mummies of Bayek and Aya inside. So what does one do when they find remains of people in the Assassin’s Creed world? …You guessed it! They take some DNA and hop into the Animus without her superiors knowing, when Deanna wanted to let them know our modern day protagonist Layla refused to tell them. While playing in the modern day you get to use a laptop and you might see some very recognisable names such as Abstergo and the man we came to love from the original three games known as Desmond Miles, but why are those names on the laptop? Well you will have to play the game and find out!

A little side note; in the future part of this game there will be a feature called ‘Discovery Tour’ which will allow players to take a guided tour that will highlight different aspects of Egyptian history without having any combat nor objectives. So it’s not just a game as it can be a history lesson, because you’re never too old to learn more about the world.

I have to say after playing Origins on the Xbox One X and on the Xbox One S I can safely say that you can notice the difference which is evident from just how stunning the game is in true 4K Ubisoft have done an amazing job with this game and they have used the full power of the Xbox One X. So, take a bow Ubisoft …you deserve it!

After seeing how far the franchise has come I am definitely looking forward to it’s eleventh instalment. If I had to give it a rating then it would be a solid:


Tweet me your thoughts on the game at @CliveGaming and also be sure to check out the streams I do on Twitch as i’ll be playing Assassins Creed Origins amongst other games.

REVIEW: Xbox One X (Project Scorpio Edition)

Ever since it was teased at E3 2016 under the codename Project Scorpio and then later unveiled at E3 2017 as the Xbox One X; it became highly anticipated and started being advertised at the World’s Most Powerful Console and that it would be released in the November of 2017. Many people were sceptical about the bold claims made by Microsoft about the latest Xbox.

In August 2017 the Xbox Team unveiled the limited edition Xbox One X – Project Scorpio Edition, Naturally as soon as it was available for pre order I ordered it! Now that I’ve had The Scorpio Edition a few days I feel I am able to confidently answer the question on everyone’s lips…  Is worth it?

On November 10th I got to do a live unboxing on Twitch, the first thing you notice when you look at the box is the distinctive design that many fans of the Xbox franchise would recognise as the image pays homage to the original console that was launched in 2001. Upon opening the box you are greeted with a 14 day trial of Xbox Live Gold and a 1 month trial of Xbox Game Pass along with the setup instructions – Always nice to get some freebies. The Cables are exactly the same as those for the Xbox One S which is handy if you are upgrading from the most recent predecessor as you won’t need to fiddle behind your TV trying to unplug anything! Unfortunately if you’re upgrading from the Original Xbox One then you will have to venture behind the TV to change the cables, but who doesn’t love a little adventure?

Whilst admiring the new Xbox you’ll notice some things like the placement of the USB has been changed again and you will also see that it says ‘Hello from Seattle – Xbox One X’ on the right hand side of the console. This is accompanied by some numbers on the left side that read: ‘0105101317’. But what do these numbers mean? Well let me explain;

01: Microsoft launched the first ever Xbox console.

05: The Xbox 360 made its debut in November 2005.

10: Microsoft launched the Kinect Sensor for the 360.

13: XBOX Released the Xbox One.

17: The Xbox One X was released to the world.

The ‘Hello from Seattle’ text also appears inside all of the Xbox One Controllers.

xbox one x controller

Turning the One X on for the first time is definitely an experience! The startup screen pictures the Scorpio CPU in glorious 4K and it’s a beautiful sight. From there it’s just like the other Xbox One consoles in terms of the dashboard and accessibility. The Xbox One X detects your TV and recommends the perfect settings so you can get the most out of the 4K goodness that it has to offer! Although it looks stunning on a 4K TV it also upscales images making them look sharper and brighter on lower quality TVs, so either way you will still see some benefits from upgrading even without a 4K television.

I am a HUGE Gears of War fan and have been since the start of the franchise and it is so amazing to see the differences between playing Gears of War 4 on the Xbox One and then playing the Xbox One X enhanced version of the same game on the One X console. The main details I noticed were the pigmentation on the skin of the characters and there are also some more subtle differences such the light from their armour now reflecting on their faces depending on the lighting! It is improvements like this that make me love my Xbox One XMicrosoft have released around 70 Xbox One X enhanced titles with more on the way. So what better way to try something new or simply revisit an old favourite with such a huge collection of games to try from the OG Xbox games all the way to the most recent titles!

So in answer to the all important question… IS IT WORTH IT?…

Yes, I believe this upgrade will change how gamers see and experience their games for the better and I think it will definitely open new gateways for developers to do more with their games! I love my Xbox One X and I could not see myself playing any other console any time soon. Definitely worth the investment!

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