VIDEO: Not so Fast & Not so Furious (Talk and Beans podcast series announcement)

The hottest podcast of the summer is on it’s way as Talk and Beans get Not so Fast & Not so Furious. Tom has some grand ideas for revealing the new series and asks Scott to get him a car for the announcement video.

Join the boys as they watch and review every movie from the Fast & Furious franchise in a light-hearted and comical fashion…with some serious discussion and debate here and there.

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Kevin Smith survives “massive heart attack”

Cult film maker Kevin Smith has announced that he had suffered a “massive heart attack” after a stand-up show last night. The Clerks director and comedian had not long got off stage when he began to feel nauseous, eventually throwing up and broke into sweats and heavy chest pains. Thankfully Smith had friends around him as he was due to perform again afterwards but when alarm bells started going off for those around him they called an ambulance. Kevin was taken to Glendale Hospital and the doctor that saved his life told the comedian that he had a 100% blockage of of his LAD artery, also referred to as the “Widow-Maker” because of the commonality of not surviving such an attack.

Kevin Smith has been on quite a health journey the past few years when it comes to his weight and has looked considerably slimmer when compared to the days of his “too fat to fly” days, when he was infamously thrown off of a flight because of his weight. But it seems his weight has ‘yo-yo’d‘ a few times recently and his statement refers to having to make some lifestyle changes and questions the possibility of becoming Vegan. Kevin played Silent Bob in the infamous Mallrats, Chasing Amy & Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and other movies from the View Askewniverse universe which were created by the star and alluded to the fact he would have missed out on playing the character once again if his time would indeed be up.

Much of Kevin’s full statement via his Facebook page focussed on his fear of dying over the years and the peace he felt when his biggest fear was a very real possibility. The 47 year old said “But generally speaking, I was okay with the end, if this was gonna be it. I’ve gotten to do so many cool things and I’ve had so many adventures – how could I be shitty about finally paying the tab” and went on to thank those that saved his life and show appreciation for his loved ones.

We are thankful that Kevin’s tab wasn’t ready to be paid yet and wish him a speedy recovery.



VIDEO: Microwave Christmas Dinner | Talk and Beans

The Talk and Beans boys have decided to brave the world of microwave Christmas dinners and give a review of the frozen festive meal whilst explaining what to expect from the podcast this Christmas. These meals cost just £1.49 each and you’re going to find out whether or not they’re a bargain or a stomach destroyer.

Once again there will be four podcasts in the Talk and Beans Christmas Spectacular 2017 series which will feature comedic movie reviews and discussion about The Night Before, Home Alone 3, Die Hard 2 featuring special guests and another Christmas Special where Tom and Scott once again tell funny Christmas themed stories, discuss traditions, memories and presents.

Comment and let us know what you would like Talk and Beans to podcast about from the world of Pop Culture!

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Die Hard 2
The Night Before
Home Alone 3

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‘Lost’ 1984 episode of Only Fools and Horses to air for the first time

Fans of the classic British comedy featuring the Trotter family will be happy to know that a previously unaired episode of Only Fools and Horses will finally hit British Television for the first time. The 1984 short episode is titled “Licensed to Drill” and revolves around Del Boy attempting to pull another ‘fast one’ by purchasing an oil rig for just £400, but as always with the loveable con man his plans don’t quite work out the way he had hoped.

Originally the episode was produced as an educational video for Science lessons in schools throughout the UK in the 1980s to teach children about the oil industry, but had apparently been forgotten about not long after. The rare episode has since shown up in a few official and unofficial releases but has never been shown on British television. The rarity of the episode isn’t the only special thing about “Licensed to Drill” though, as it’s also the last ever performance from Lennard Pearce as Grandad before his sudden passing in December 1984.

The episode does not feature a laugh track which is something that is common in ‘one off specials’ of the show and there are no scenes outside of the famous flat in Nelson Mandela House that Del, Rodney and Grandad live in other than those shown on the TV programme that fuels Del Boy’s interest in the oil industry as a get rick scheme. A one off theme song was also composed and performed by series creator John Sullivan and is featured in the episode.

UKTV Gold will be airing scenes from the ‘lost’ episode, bloopers, behind the scenes clips and cast interviews for their The Story of Only Fools and Horses which will run Tuesdays at 8pm until October 3rd.

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Legendary Entertainer Sir Bruce Forsyth has died 

After months of health problems it has emerged that the CBE awarded entertainer has passed away at the age of 89. Sir Bruce Forsyth has been entertaining since the 1950s and was declared the longest working male entertainer of all time with a career spanning 75 years by the Guinness Book of Records in 2012.

The former TV host’s manager Ian Wilson released a statement about the passing saying “It is with great sadness that the Forsyth family announce that Sir Bruce passed away this afternoon, peacefully at his home surrounded by his wife Wilnelia and all his children.

Sir Bruce became the best paid TV presenter in the UK with his shows The Price is Right, Play Your Cards Right, The Generation Game and most recently Strictly Come Dancing.

We would like to offer our thoughts and prayers to the family of Sir Bruce Forsyth at his difficult time.

Thank you Brucie! For all of your work in British entertainment, May you Rest in Peace.

Legendary Zombie flick director George A. Romero passes away

The man considered to be the leading innovator of the zombie genre has died at age 77 after a short battle with cancer. George A. Romero first found success with the cult classic Night of the Living Dead, the 1968 movie defined the genre and would be the template for many other zombie films to come.

The movie is considered to be one of the greatest independent movies of all time after starting out with a budget of $114,000 and going on to earn $30 million.

Romero released several sequels and influenced countless other directors along the way.

The director passed away in his sleep after what’s been described by his family as a “brief but aggressive” battle with lung cancer.

We would like to offer our thoughts and prayers to the loved ones of George A. Romero at this difficult time.

Sir Roger Moore passes away after Cancer battle

One of the most beloved British actors of all time has passed away at the age of 89. Sir Roger Moore was best known for his role in the James Bond movies from 1973 and 1985, starring in some of the most popular films in the series.

The actor had been battling cancer recently and his family have announced his death saying “It is with a heavy heart that we must announce our loving father, Sir Roger Moore, has passed away today in Switzerland after a short but brave battle with cancer.

Moore was the third actor to play the iconic James Bond character and starred in 7 of the 007 movies. The actors last public appearance was back in November of 2016 when he appeared on stage at London’s Royal Festival Hall.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all dealing with this loss.


John Hurt passes away at 77

The beloved actor has passed away after a battle with both cancer and intestinal complaint in recent years. 

John Hurt had a career spanning six decades and has been a staple of British film throughout his time in the industry with roles in movies such as The Elephant Man, Alien and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

The actor also received a knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II in 2015 and has recently been featured as the Priest in the biopic focussing on the widow of JFK, Jackie. A heartwarming role that becomes a focal point during the movie as Jackie Kennedy looks for answers and guidance after her husbands public assasinaion.

Hurt is survived by his wife of 12 years Anne Rees-Myers. We would like to offer our thoughts and prayers to the loved ones of Sir John Hurt at this difficult time.

Breaking Bad star appears in promo video for Better Call Saul Season 3

Spoilers ahead! One of the most loved characters of the Breaking Bad series has appeared in a promotional video for the upcoming third season of Better Call Saul

Season 2 ended with a note being left for another Breaking Bad favourite when the character Mike was preparing to take out antagonist Hector Salamanca. Fans of the show also noted that the phrase “Fring’s back” was hidden within the titles of the episodes in season 2 and the buzz ever since has been about wether or not the infamous Gus Fring was behind it and it’s starting to look like that could definitely be the case.

The actor Giancarlo Esposito has reprised his role as chicken shop owner Gus in a promotional video for his beloved Los Pollos Hermanos and it’s given us all kinds of wonderful feelings of excitement to see him portray the terrifyingly brilliant role once again.

Better Call Saul returns for a third season this spring.

Netflix finally adds Offline Mode for it’s App

The streaming service has finally announced that it will allow users on iOS and Android devices to download their favourite Films and TV Shows to their devices to use without WiFi or Data. Netflix fans have been waiting for this for many years, since other streaming services like All 4 and BBC iPlayer have had their own ‘Offline Mode’ for a number of years.

Downloadable content can easily be found in the “Available for Download” category inside the app and it currently has TV Shows such as Better Call Saul, Black Mirror, Breaking Bad, Narcos and House just to name a few as well as a rich list in Movies available for download also.

Netflix is the largest streaming company world of it’s kind and this will surely be another great step in the right direction for the company. We just hope that the “Netflix and Chill” phenomenon doesn’t end up on the London Underground with it.