Breaking Bad star appears in promo video for Better Call Saul Season 3


Spoilers ahead! One of the most loved characters of the Breaking Bad series has appeared in a promotional video for the upcoming third season of Better Call Saul

Season 2 ended with a note being left for another Breaking Bad favourite when the character Mike was preparing to take out antagonist Hector Salamanca. Fans of the show also noted that the phrase “Fring’s back” was hidden within the titles of the episodes in season 2 and the buzz ever since has been about wether or not the infamous Gus Fring was behind it and it’s starting to look like that could definitely be the case.

The actor Giancarlo Esposito has reprised his role as chicken shop owner Gus in a promotional video for his beloved Los Pollos Hermanos and it’s given us all kinds of wonderful feelings of excitement to see him portray the terrifyingly brilliant role once again.

Better Call Saul returns for a third season this spring.