REVIEW: Impractical Jokers ‘Santiago Sent Us’ Tour (07/01/17)

As we settled into our seats with overpriced drinks and a tinge of dread being so high up, we soon forgot about that as the show began.

We are met by adverts on screens for Comedy Central and await the first act of the night.

It’s then we have someone come on stage to give us ‘Bad News,’ You’re not allowed to film here tonight. Thank goodness for that, I thought there was going to be some kind of change to the show or someone was ill.

He then introduces the first act of the night; comedian Owen Benjamin, he blasted through a repertoire of jokes and songs, mostly about relationships, girls and even mocking Coldplay.

The crowd seemed very into his performance and even joined him for a singalong to made up song ‘Feel My Heat’ which also prompted a few thousand impromptu fireflies, lighting up the O2 Arena with phone lights.

This sadly was where his set ended, to great applause. Definitely a comedian to watch out for.

We then move onto the guys everyone is there  to see; Sal Vulcano, Brian ‘Q’ Quinn, Joe Gatto and James ‘Murr’ Murray – The Impractical Jokers. The moment these guys walked on stage you could sense that something special was happening, they had played the previous night in Belfast to around 7,500 people and said that this, their first of four nights at London’s O2 Arena was double the size of their biggest ever crowd.


You could sense the nervousness throughout. But all the guys pulled together and bounced off each other, a few well placed dick jokes, and some unseen clips from some of their shows, put them a lot more in their comfort zone.

For four best friends of 27 years, who are used to filming stuff in public and dicking around to be placed on a stage in front of 15,000 people hanging off their every word, they did an incredible job.

There was some great comedy moments, some interesting clips, and a few visible tears from Sal who thanked the crowd, and also confirmed the group would be back over in the U.K. in October. In what capacity, we don’t yet know. But we will definitely look out for it.

Overall, a great show, 15,000 approving fans! And only one… LARRY!

Santiago Sent You… London loves you!

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