10 worst offenders in over played rock tracks

There are songs that you love, there are songs that you hate.
There are also THOSE songs which you loved, until… you heard them for what felt like the millionth time in the space of a week every time you turned on any radio station or music channel on TV.

Here’s a rundown of just 10 that we have selected (in no particular order).

Nickelback – Rockstar

THAT song, which at first you probably thought was a fun song to sing along too, a catchy tune with Chad Kroeger’s somewhat droany voice blasting you through the lyrics, and ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons providing spoken word vocals between each verse. You had everyone from Gene Simmons to Chuck Liddel to Nelly Futardo to Twista in the video for this song. For a song about wanting to be a ‘Rock’ Star… Anyone who’s anyone, and whichever genre of music you listen too, I’m pretty sure you would have heard of this song.

Foo Fighters – Best Of You

I’VE GOT ANOTHER CONFESSION TO MAKE… I absolutely loved this song when it came out, as much as I love the Foo Fighters, this song just got over played so much, to a point where I didn’t want to listen to it anymore, then I saw them perform it on a live DVD and it just blew my mind all over again. The somewhat simplicity which it starts with and then just kicks in, makes it one which you feel like bopping along to. It’s like the guys were struggling to write the chorus and were slightly lost for words so they came up with The best, the best, the best, the best, the best… Okay I’ll stop now.

Rage Against The Machine – Killing In The Name

YES, This really was Christmas number one in 2009! Following a successful Facebook campaign to stop The X-Factor winner being Christmas Number One for a fifth successive year. The campaign provoked commentary from both groups and other musicians, and gained coverage in both national and international press. The song became the first single to reach the Christmas number one spot on downloads alone.

Drowning Pool – Bodies

LET THE BODIES HIT THE….. FLOOR! A catchy, repetitive, hard hitting song written about a moshpit! It’s been used in WWE and in movies too! It’s popularity hasn’t always been for the right reasons though as the song has garnered some unwanted publicity, due to the constant misinterpretation of the lyrics. It was used at Guantanamo Bay detention camps and was played consistently over a 10 day period in 2006. In 2011 it was associated with the shooting of a US congresswoman. Forcing the band to release a statement “We were devastated this weekend to learn of the tragic events that occurred in Arizona and that our music has been misinterpreted. ‘Bodies’ was written about the brotherhood of the moshpit and was never about violence.” A radio DJ also used the beginning of the song to introduce his show after discussing Guantanamo Bay with his call-in listeners.

Bullet For My Valentine – Tears Don’t Fall

Clocking in at almost 10 minutes in its entirety, you wouldn’t think this would make the list, as some people wouldn’t sit and listen to it for that long… But it does! It even has a sequel which was released in 2013 (which some will argue is better than the original.) The BFMV song which draws the most crowd participation at their live shows (especially during the bridge and solo)

30 Seconds To Mars – The Kill

What If I wanted to break… your neck, if I hear this song again! Jared Leto and friends sometimes get a rough ride from people, and annoyingly created quite a catchy song.  Leto described the meaning of the song as, “It’s really about a relationship with yourself. It’s about confronting your fear and confronting the truth about who you are.” He has also said it is about “confrontation as a crossroads” — coming face-to-face with who you really are. (KERRANG! Best single of 2007)

Journey – Don’t Stop Believing

It used to be just another 1980’s rock song that popped up every now and then to massive nostalgia. That opening riff was welcomed with great reception, especially after a couple of beers. Cut to 2009 when high school musical meets dramedy sensation, ‘Glee’ debuted. Featuring a group of misfit underdogs, the students come together to sing their defining tune – “Don’t Stop Believing”. What started as an innocent cover in the pilot episode of the show, exploded into a phenomenon. The song has never been the same again!

Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit

The song that was allegedly never thought to become a hit. If only Nirvana could have predicted the heights that this single would ascend too, even still in 2014. The song was a favourite when it was released but it can’t be denied that the passing of Kurt Cobain, definitely helped the song be remembered. He wanted to create “the ultimate pop song” and before his death cited the Pixies as

the central inspiration for the track. It’s melody is one of the most known around, but even fans of the epic song would agree it is overplayed. Radio stations truly took the song and sky rocketed it with heaps of praise – Rolling Stone magazine said it was the 9th best rock song ever. Embodying the 1990s grunge phenomenon many from the time would remember watching it on MTV, back when they actually played music videos. Although, it was that very network that drove the tune into the ground. One of the greatest and most acclaimed songs, but you can’t deny it’s been more than overplayed.

Green Day – American Idiot

NO, I don’t want to be an American Idiot! One of those songs where you feel like turning off the TV and radio anytime you now hear it. Although you may find yourself bopping along to it or even singing along, it’s one of those annoying songs which you probably would sing along too!

Linkin Park – In The End

It starts with one thing… and then another and then another, but in the end it doesn’t even matter! This song as great as it was when it was released is still one of the most popular Linkin Park songs around. One of the most recognisnable songs out there too! The mix of Mike Shinoda’s more rappy vocals along with Chester Bennington singing the main chorus there’s not a single person who’s heard this song who hasn’t immediately become hooked on it at some point.