Talk and Beans: NXT Brooklyn 3 & WWE Summerslam 2017

Episode #28 of Talk and Beans is on a weekend of hit and miss Wrestling events in WWE.
The boys are joined by Dan and debate the ‘Freebirds rule‘, the match order on Summerslam, WWE dropping the ball with NXT superstars, Storylines that fuel Racism, Tom has a theory about modern streaks and Scott’s opinion on “Big guy” matches. Plus plenty more, listen through the laughter, joy and anger!

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Legendary Entertainer Sir Bruce Forsyth has died 

After months of health problems it has emerged that the CBE awarded entertainer has passed away at the age of 89. Sir Bruce Forsyth has been entertaining since the 1950s and was declared the longest working male entertainer of all time with a career spanning 75 years by the Guinness Book of Records in 2012.

The former TV host’s manager Ian Wilson released a statement about the passing saying “It is with great sadness that the Forsyth family announce that Sir Bruce passed away this afternoon, peacefully at his home surrounded by his wife Wilnelia and all his children.

Sir Bruce became the best paid TV presenter in the UK with his shows The Price is Right, Play Your Cards Right, The Generation Game and most recently Strictly Come Dancing.

We would like to offer our thoughts and prayers to the family of Sir Bruce Forsyth at his difficult time.

Thank you Brucie! For all of your work in British entertainment, May you Rest in Peace.

Talk and Beans: Star Wars – Attack of the Clones

Episode #27 of Talk and Beans is Part Five of Scott WarsAttack of the Groans.

The sequels take a bit of a turn and things start to get controversial.

Scott and Tom are joined by Steve to discuss Anakin’s creepy chat up lines, the prequels feeling different to the originals, tackling the bad acting in the franchise, Scott gets a revelation, Tom has an identity crisis, Steve loves Count Dooku and “Justice for Jar Jar” rages on. Plus plenty more!

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Episodes 1-6
Episode 7
Rogue One


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REVIEW: Blink-182 – The o2 Arena, London (20/07/17)

As we arrived at The o2 there was a great optimistic atmosphere in the air with thousands of people there for the rock show. Even before the concert had begun there was a lot of intrigue with Mark Hoppus only recently having an upper respiratory viral infection just days earlier and had to cancel the band’s show in Bournemouth under doctors orders.

The band were back at it in London the next day though and it seemed like things had cleared up for Mark’s voice enough to let that happen. Now we are onto night 2 of the London dates and for many (including myself) this was going to be the first time watching Blink-182 without Tom Delonge. The introduction of Matt Skiba on the band’s latest release “California” was a good indication of the band’s new direction and YouTube videos can give you some insight when it comes to Matt singing Tom’s old parts but seeing a “new” band member live is really where it makes a difference for most fans.


As the fans were pouring into the arena, shocking news broke in the rock music world. Chester Bennington’s death had just been announced and those that were still outside the venue pre-drinking with the party atmosphere in full swing started to get the news. There was this strange feeling of “I wonder if those people know” and whether or not the band would know and if so, would they be cancelling the show? If Mark’s voice still had issues and news of a friend of the band (one of which they were about to go on tour with) passing away in shocking circumstances came out then it could have been quite the deck stacked against the show going ahead.

After reporting on the Linkin Park singer’s untimely death and taking in the shocked messages throughout social media, we funnelled into the arena to watch the Blink-182 concert we were there to see. The show was going ahead as planned and there was no mention of the big news during the show, we assumed the band had not been told with it breaking so close to their stage time. The band would send their love to Chester after the show on Twitter and cancel their “Blinkin Park” Tour.


One thing I love at concerts is the hype before the artists come on stage and a great part of that is when an artist has entrance music. The Blink-182 boys came on stage to roars from the crowd layered over the amazing Stranger Things theme song which built suspense like no other. Travis Barker took us straight into the performance with the amazing drum intro to ‘Feeling This. Those who eagerly awaited to see what Matt would sound like live with Blink-182 would get their answers fast as Skiba would shout out his lead vocals as fireworks went off and the infamous flaming “F.U.C.K” sign showed up behind the band on the big screens. Blink-182 then swiftly moved into ‘The Rock Show‘ as the graphics changed to promotional artwork for Blink-182 shows highlighting the theme of the song, a trend that continued for the rest of the night and was perfectly executed.


Next up was the first Matt Skiba era song with ‘Cynical’ starting with an infectious singalong with the crowd before Travis went into his fast tempo paced intro for the song. It’s no doubt that this band are still capable of writing songs that capture their original flavour really well.

The band then hit hard with classic hits from their back catalogue with ‘The Rock Show‘, ‘What’s My Age Again?‘ and ‘First Date‘. Something that really stood out from this point was how great the three piece sound together, with Matt coming into the band it wasn’t just vocal duties he was taking on but also lead guitar. It has to be said that the band sounded a lot tighter musically than in previous years. When I saw Blink-182 at Brixton Academy in 2014 it was during a time where they had been getting some negative press for playing quite sloppy. As a longtime fan of the band I had seen plenty of funny videos of them in their younger days mixing songs up, playing them way faster or Tom jokingly having to “think really hard and concentrate” when playing the more complex intro to ‘What’s My Age Again?‘. But those things seemed added to the mix of being under a microscope as the latest band to reunite, having grown up a lot since their first wave and Delonge’s vocal style changing. The newly reunited band seemed to get a hard time for it, especially at Reading & Leeds Festival, which seemed unfair. But with that in mind it does seem like since Matt Skiba joined the band there has been an effort to tighten up, even if it was just a matter of a new member coming in and having more pressure to nail the songs.


The band followed up it’s hit train with the lead single from their most recent album ‘Bored to Death‘. The song is probably the most well known song from “California” and it shows, with the crowd getting strongly behind this one even with it’s slower pace taking things down a notch from the previous three faster paced classics. The great “Ohh, Ohh” singalong throughout is an easy one to feel unison with.

Matt Skiba’s guitar then rang out the chords for ‘Down‘ from the band’s self titled album, a song that has always got the crowd in a sentimental mood as it’s one of those songs that you hear and are just glad you’re at a concert or with friends. This version did feel that little bit more sombre though without Tom’s signature whine that gave the song a slightly more upbeat feeling, however the lyrics do match the style Skiba brings.


Mark then asked for a different Bass and thanked the support bands before saying “This one’s for the ladies” as Travis built up the intro of ‘I Miss You‘, which was followed by soft tones from Mark that really let the audiences voices have space for the emotional singalong. The infamous “Where are you?Delonge whine was due next and with Skiba doing his part the crowd were sure to add their extra whines over the top anyway. The song got a great response as always and after bringing the audience down once more they brought them up with some humour with Mark practicing his English accent. He explained that all you had to do was “Put a ‘U’ in there, somewhere it doesn’t need to be” and you would get the accent. The crowd seemed to have already forgot about the girlfriends they had broke up with when they were 15 and it was time for the band to head straight into ‘Dumpweed‘.


It was at this point that it really hit just how good Matt Skiba could carry some of these older Blink-182 songs, it’s one thing to nail a hit single that even karaoke artists have a good crack at but Matt’s performance for the Enema of the State track really shone for me. It was great to see Blink-182 play so many of their older songs, even with a “new album” and even with a “new band member” in the mix. Mark seemed really in his element during this song, getting to pace around the stage, jumping, singing to himself and just enjoying the gig. He followed up with a “F**k yeah, Matt!”, which got a roar from the crowd as he then encouraged Matt to sing another. Skiba then asked the London crowd to sing with him as he lead them into the singalong intro of ‘Reckless Abandon‘ and the band followed.


Matt praised the audience claiming it was the “best singalong crowd of the whole tour“. Mark said that it was because it was the home of Oasis, which got a boo as they’re from Manchester. He then followed up saying that he was joking and he knew it was actually the home of The Beatles, which got a laugh as they’re from Liverpool. But, it was Matt who struck gold when he named London based The Damned to receive a cheer from the crowd.

The next two songs were both from “California“, firstly ‘She’s Out of Her Mind‘, which got a good reaction. It would have been good for the band to play some of the music video on the screens behind as I think it was a video that really helped bridge the gap between the two era’s of Blink-182 with a tribute to their ‘What’s My Age Again‘ video. Mark then introduced ‘Kings of the Weekend‘ explaining that it was a song about how he hates to get high, which got a laugh and a cheer.

blink182o2arena7Hoppus then explained that there was a small technical difficulty going on but as he was a professional… he knew what to do. He then followed it up with the cliche Rock n’ Roll “Are you guys having a good time tonight?!” to kill some time and then encouraged Matt to play the intro to ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine‘, but he said he couldn’t but he did know how to play it on Bass. Thankfully this did kill some time for Travis to get ready again after the technical issue and his band mates cheered him on as he lead into a great drum solo surrounded by lights and smoke machines. Then it was built up with some guitar playing, flames shooting up and into eased into the classic ‘Violence‘. A song which kept up the high energy and ended the way it started with a display of Travis Barker’s drum skills, smoke and flames. Mark then appeared wiping his face with a towel and saying that it was very hot from the flames as we could all feel the heat in the arena now.

Up next came some more great visuals on screen to go seamlessly alongside the band’s performance of ‘Sober‘, the screen was full of interesting animated characters and of course, “four leaf clovers”. I really enjoyed this song live and I think it’s one that I am going to listen to a lot more now as a result.


Mark then told the crowd “London night two gets a special song“, as he continued to hype the change in set list he told the eager gig goers “you’re gonna tell your grandkids about it” and that they would say “No f**king way” to which people who were there would reply “Shut your stupid mouth you dumb grandkid, we wish you were never born“. The cluster of unscripted humour was the perfect reminder of one of the reasons Blink-182 became so popular. The naturally funny band members and chemistry between them had not been lost over the years as they lead into ‘Happy Holidays, You Bastard’ with all the lights off surrounded by mobile phone torches as if it were a serious and slow ballad.


Up next was another classic from “Enema of the State” as the band went straight into ‘Dysentery Gary‘, once again with awesome visuals behind them on the screens the crowd were treated to a great animated lyric video accompanying the performance which lead into some fantastic shots of Los Angeles to accompany the song ‘Los Angeles‘ from the band’s latest album.

The band left the stage abruptly as everything went dark and the crowd chanted for 5 minutes to get more until the noise of a guitar being picked up and the hi-hat counting in ‘All The Small Things‘ for the start of the band’s encore. The party mood was certainly back as the crowd sang with all breath in their lungs to the 1999 hit. The screens behind the band then showed the crowd themselves, which was a great touch and a “Kiss Cam” showed up briefly. I am not sure if there was a problem with it because it wasn’t up for long but it seemed like a great idea for this portion of the concert but there wasn’t much focus on it after the initial cheer of the graphic. Either way, the crowd shots of people on shoulders and hands flying everywhere was enough to mirror the excitement.


The last song of the night was the band’s first hit single ‘Dammit‘ and it was performed to perfection with more flames and pyro than the night had seen so far. Mark sang out “Thank you, o2, night two” as the confetti fell and the instruments rang out. To close the night Travis’ son Landon Barker got behind the drums to play for a little while with Matt on guitar and Mark on Bass wearing a Donkey Kong mask, the look of a proud dad waiting beside the stage was a nice visual.


The gig ended and the crowd were in high spirits, after a night that started with confusion and mixed emotions at the end of it the crowd were going home from the rock show quite happily.



Legendary Zombie flick director George A. Romero passes away

The man considered to be the leading innovator of the zombie genre has died at age 77 after a short battle with cancer. George A. Romero first found success with the cult classic Night of the Living Dead, the 1968 movie defined the genre and would be the template for many other zombie films to come.

The movie is considered to be one of the greatest independent movies of all time after starting out with a budget of $114,000 and going on to earn $30 million.

Romero released several sequels and influenced countless other directors along the way.

The director passed away in his sleep after what’s been described by his family as a “brief but aggressive” battle with lung cancer.

We would like to offer our thoughts and prayers to the loved ones of George A. Romero at this difficult time.

Talk and Beans: The Crow

Episode #25 of Talk and Beans is on the cult classic from the 90s, The Crow.

Scott and Tom talk about their favourite quotes, Brandon Lee’s breakthrough performance and the circumstances surrounding his death whilst on set, Scott dressing up as The Crow, Gritty Detroit imagery, 90s cliches and much more!


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REVIEW: Slam Dunk Festival – South, Hatfield (29/05/17)

During the build up to this years Slam Dunk Festival the main things we were looking forward to here at Rebellious Noise was the incredibly stacked line up and in particular the Fireball Stage. This stacked stage alone felt like an early 2000s Pop Punk kids dream and had so much to offer, but that was only one stage and as mentioned in our Slam Dunk episode of the Queue & A each stage had it’s own line up poster, which really made each stage feel like an individual festival line up and when you realise they’re all actually one huge event it definitely gave off a “big time” feel to the festival.

As we arrived in Hatfield the atmosphere was already booming, the train journey down there was packed with people wearing band shirts with pure excitement in their faces. We decided to stop off at The Great Northern Pub before heading to the Hatfield Campus of the University of Hertfordshire and subsequently on the way back too, if you’re ever in Hatfield for Slam Dunk and are waiting for that train back or just fancy some pre drinks then be sure to hit up this lovely pub with a nice atmosphere and friendly staff.

As we arrived along college lane and saw the floods of people coming into the campus it really started to get exciting as the warm weather combined with stacked line up made for an exciting atmosphere. The first piece of business was to check out Fenix TX open the Fireball Stage, with a great sound and a kick full of energy the Texas Pop Punk boys got the crowd going.

We spent some time roaming the festival site to check out the food on offer, get our bearings with the other stages and take in the atmosphere whilst filming an episode of the Queue & A. The layout for the stages was actually really well done, with not much of a walk between each of them which was even more impressive when you realised that no sound was leaking in from nearby stages, therefore each area did feel like it’s own concert without an awkward background sound of another stage to hinder the band that you were watching.


One big thing that you would have noticed within the first minute of walking around the festival site was the ever increasing site of Don Broco frontman Rob Damiani’s face as it was on the heads of many festival goers to re-create scenes form their latest music video ‘Pretty’ in which there is some gruesome face swapping going on. The entire festival was flooded with these masks, which was a clever tool to direct people to the bands music video and also make people feel part of something…something gruesome, but still…something. Don Broco and Enter Shikari were some of the most anticipated acts at this years Slam Dunk Festival, all day we were hearing about both bands and how much people could not wait to see them, especially local boys Enter Shikari who hail from St Albans which is just a 20 minute car ride away.


The general vibe was a party one, no band embodied this more than Reel Big Fish who it has to be said were probably the highlight of the entire day. Never afraid to poke fun at themselves the band made their set feel special with their own brand of comedy that made them stand out. Reel Big Fish didn’t just speed into the next song each time, but instead spent time talking to the crowd and even playing some covers such as ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit‘, ‘My Own Worst Enemy‘ and ‘The Impression That I Get‘ and at first insisting that they were their own huge hit songs from the 90s and then when owning up and admitting that they were by other bands but still insisting that they were by Pearl Jam, Bowling for Soup and Less Than Jake. Shortly after the band went into their actual huge hit of the 90s ‘Sell Out‘, which went down very well. The crowd really had a boost of energy when the band were on stage and all around us were groups of friends dancing and having the time of their lives.


Another highlight from the Fireball Stage was the performance from Goldfinger, who started their set with a great performance of “Spokesman“. The band had high energy which was so intense it couldn’t be contained to just the stage when John Feldmann decided to get in the crowd himself. The band has gone through significant line up changes in recent years and that can sometimes take away from an experience but this touring version of Goldfinger featured a “Supergroup” type line up with Mike Herrera of MxPx on Bass, Philip Sneed of Story of the Year on Guitar and Cyrus Bolooki of New Found Glory on Drums. Feldmann dedicated the song “Superman” to video game lovers in reference to the song featuring on Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.

Zebrahead’s vocalist Ali Tabatabee rocked a Manchester United Away shirt with “Manchester” on the back throughout their performance which was a nice touch as a homage to those effected by the recent terrorist attacks in Manchester. With the attack still fresh in people’s heads it was reassuring to see the great presence of police and security on site to keep everyone at bay. The festival goers were in high spirits and didn’t seem bothered by armed police, it felt like a modern day “Blitz Spirit”.


Back to the Zebrahead performance though, the band put on an amazing show throughout and were constantly engaging the crowd. The band even created a sea of a constant flow of crowd surfers and then during ‘Hello Tomorrow‘ sent an inflatable boat with a man inside to go across the crowd to the sound desk and back (both of which were incredible visuals and featured in our Queue & A video). Zebrahead also brought out Reel Big Fish’s brass section to help them out on their song ‘Anthem‘ which got a huge response including a pretty large circle pit. There was also a period where at least 25 footballs were flying through the air during their set, which also happened during the Goldfinger set, I have no idea where they appeared from though!


A band that I was interested to see were Cute Is What We Aim For, a band that had experienced so much hype and coverage between 2006-2008 but seemingly disappeared shortly after. Despite that, they were a band that I never really paid much attention to even though plenty of friends had. I really did enjoy their performance on the Monster Energy Stage and it was a refreshing down to earth one that really made me connect with the band, lead singer Shaant Hacikyan explained his gratitude to the fans for not forgetting them having seemingly gone through a difficult period after the bands early success and the turmoil it created. You could tell that this tour really felt like a homecoming for them and their fans, with quite a few special moments in for good measure.

Over on the Jagermeister Stage we saw Japanese Metal heavyweights Crossfaith put on an amazing show as well. There’s a great clip in our feature of the crowd jumping and a girl passing by who starts jumping herself that really demonstrates the infectious energy Crossfaith were bringing to Slam Dunk. The band brought a welcomed harder edge and so many people were bouncing and moshing in the pit throughout their entire set. Plenty of people that we spoke to had said that Crossfaith were a highlight of their time at the festival and it’s really no surprise as the band just leave you with such a lasting impression from their performance.


Some of the food at Slam Dunk really deserves a shout out too, the pricing was generally decent for festival food and the quality was up there too. I got a tasty pepperoni pizza from the Pizza Bus for just £6.50 and could not stop telling people about it (as the Queue & A special shows)
I also had an “Italian hot dog” which was covered in a rich tomato based sauce and cheese as well as “Italian fries” covered in herbs and cheese in the guest area. I’m not sure if they were available in the main area too but either way, they deserve a shout out!


Another great thing was the easy access to a cloakroom as too often cloakrooms are far away, poorly staffed or don’t even exist at events. It may be a minor thing for some people but it was really refreshing to have somewhere so easily accessible to drop off our stuff especially as the weather was quite warm and pretty humid. The hot and sticky weather meant that even when it did begin to rain it was fine to wear a T-shirt but when it got too much it was not hard to grab your jacket. Plus, there was a bar right near the cloakroom so it made for a perfect pit stop before heading back to your preferred stage.


There were plenty of good bands on show in Hatfield but these are just some of our highlights. We would highly recommend going next year if you are a fan of day festivals, it’s a great opportunity to see tons of awesome bands on every stage and with an environment and atmosphere like this one it really is worth putting a day into.


CONFIRMED: Floyd Mayweather v Conor McGregor

After months of speculation one of the most anticipated fights in modern history has been announced. Floyd Mayweather will fight Conor McGregor in a 12 round boxing match. The fight will be the most high profile Boxer vs MMA fighter fight in history and is due to take place on Thursday August 26th.

UFC boss Dana White has said that he expects McGregor to make around $100 Million for the fight and it has been said that Mayweather Promotions will handle the matchmaking of the undercard. Floyd Mayweather has a record of 49-0 and is considered to be one of the greatest boxers of all time, whilst Conor McGregor has been the face of MMA for the past few years after winning several titles and a record of 21-3.

Both fighters have now confirmed the match up on Twitter with McGregor using a picture of Floyd Mayweather Sr. instead. The fight will cap off what is expected to be one of the greatest builds of a fight in the history of sport with two of not only the greatest athletes in their profession but greatest talkers. Get ready for wild press conferences, great memes and a fight to remember.

Mayweather v McGregor will take place in Las Vegas at the T-Mobile Arena, ticket prices for what is sure to be the hottest ticket of 2017 have not yet been released yet. Keep checking back for more coverage on the build up to the most anticipated sporting event of the year here at Rebellious Noise.


VIDEO: Slam Dunk Festival | Queue & A

Rebellious Noise head to Slam Dunk Festival in Hatfield to live out some Pop Punk & Pizza dreams.

Scott gives festival goers a “Queue & Aabout their favourite performances, festival food and the atmosphere at Slam Dunk South.



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Microsoft announce plans to add Xbox Original games to Xbox One library

Since launching the backwards compatibility feature in 2015 the Xbox team have been adding Xbox 360 games to their Xbox One library, which currently boasts 385 games. Today Microsoft announced at E3 that they would be adding original Xbox titles to the library as well.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer did not announce any games other than the much requested Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge, however we expect to have more news closer to the launch of the new feature later this year.

Microsoft also announced the latest addition to the Xbox One family, the most powerful console in the world and smallest console from the team ever, Xbox One X.